Certain Destruction for the Loser


Name Certain Destruction for the Loser
Kanji/Kana 敗者必滅
Released in (Japanese) BSC32
Color Purple Purple core
Cost 4
Reduction Purple coreGreen core
Card Effects
Main - Either Player's destroyed/depleted Spirits/Ultimates/Braves, instead of being sent to the Trash, are banished. When Certain Destruction for the Loser's effect banishes an opposing Cost 7 or more card, you can summon one "Galaxian" family Card from your Hand, treating all reductions as filled. This card remains on your field, continously activating its effect. When your Life is decreased by an opposing Spirit/Ultimate's attack, discard this card.

Flash - During this turn, one Spirit gets +4000 BP.
Flavor Text
Rulings/Restrictions 1) When a braved Spirit/Ultimate with a total cost of 7 or more is banished, you cannot summon a "Galaxian" Spirit. You can only summon a "Galaxian" Spirit when a card with a printed cost of 7 or more is banished.

2) When a [During Advent] Spirit/Ultimate with a pre-Advent card of Cost 7 or more is banished, you can summon a "Galaxian" Spirit.
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