Celestial Release (天界放 ; tenkaihou) is a keyword introduced in BS49, possessed only by Avatars of Amahara Grandwalkers. This release is characterized by targeting Grandwalker Nexuses of two different colors, and getting additional effects for having symbols of the complementary color, making it a combination of Release and Rush. The keyword's text reads:

  • Celestial Release: X (Timing) You can put X cores from your [Color 1]/[Color 2] Grandwalker Nexus(es) to this Spirit. When you've done so, [Effect]. Also, if you control a [Color 2] symbol, [effect].

As Celestial Release uses the "when you've done so" wording, it is possible to release cores from the Grandwalker Nexus even if the latter effect cannot be activated, and it is also possible to release less cores than the effect requires (only in case the Grandwalker Nexus doesn't have any. A player using Celestial Release: 2 can't deliberately only release a single core if their Grandwalker has more than two, but if it only has one core, they can release one), but the secondary effect does not activate in such cases.

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