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Category for all multi-colored magic (a.k.a. spell) cards.
[[Category:Cards by color]]
[[Category:Cards by color]]

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Category for all multi-colored magic (a.k.a. spell) cards.

Spirits RedPurpleGreenWhiteYellowBlueMultiple(Six)(Light SpiritsDark Spirits)
Ultimates RedPurpleGreenWhiteYellowBlueMultiple(Six)
Braves RedPurpleGreenWhiteYellowBlueMultiple(Six)
Nexuses RedPurpleGreenWhiteYellowBlueMultiple(Six)
Magic RedPurpleGreenWhiteYellowBlueMultiple(Six)
X-Rares RedPurpleGreenWhiteYellowBlueMultiple(Six)
XX-Rares RedPurpleGreenWhiteYellowBlueMultiple(Six)
Bursts RedPurpleGreenWhiteYellowBlueMultiple(Six)
Anime Cards (Appeared in 3 or more Series) Banned CardsLimited CardsIllegal Cards

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