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Spirits/Ultimates can't be blocked under certain circumstances.

This effect makes some players confuse to deal with it. Some players think a spirit with Armor effect can resist with the cannot be blocked effect. In fact this effect mechanism is to change the rule of game. The game rule is a blocker can declare a spirit/ultimate in unexhausted state to block. But this effect changes the game rule that at the time of the spirit/ultimate with this effect is attacking, a blocking cannot happen. Even some "Cannot be Blocked" effects will have a condition of "Cannot be blocked by opposing Sprits with Lv2 or Lv3", these effect also change the game rule from blocking by any spirits/ultimates to unqualified spirits cannot be used for blocking.

So this effect will not affect to any spirits/ultimates and a sprit/ultimate with Armor cannot change the modified rule back makes it cannot declare a blocking. Only spirits/ultimates those have an effect to modify the rule back will able to handle the attacking of sprits/ultimates with this effect. A sample is The FlameLizard Cthughma.

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