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For the card of the same name, see Cast Off (Card).


Cast Off (キャストオフ, Kyasuto ofu) is a keyword introduced in CB09, exclusive to the Kamen family. This effect is based on Riders from the Kabuto series, who had the ability to switch freely from "Masked Forms" to "Rider Forms". All cards with the Cast Off ability have the following text:

  • Cast Off - (When Attacks) By returning this Spirit to your Hand, summon a "[Name]" from your Hand, without paying the cost. When you've done so, destroy every opposing 5000 BP or less Spirit.

This ability is limited to red and made exclusively for Spirits from Kamen family. This ability allows "Masked Form"-named Spirits to call out a "Rider Form"-named Spirits as per stated condition into the field by returning itself to player's hand, also giving destructive power to remove opposing spirits with lowest BP's.

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