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Card Slash(カードスラッシュ; Kādosurasshu)is a keyword introduced in CB07, possessed by only one Nexus, D-Ark, and it's likely to remain this way. The effect is written as follows:

  • Flash - [Card Slash] Discard one "Rookie/Champion/Ultimate/Mega" Spirit card from your Hand. Destroy an opposing Spirit/Ultimate with BP equal inferior to the [LV1] BP of the discarded card.

While it may not be a significant effect, one is able to destroy an opposing dangerous Spirit/Ultimate by sacrificing a Spirit card from oneself. The name Card Slash is a reference to a technique used in the Digimon franchise, in which Digimon tamers slide their trading cards along the D-Ark digivice to augment and power up their partner Digimon.

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