Call of the Core was the first English set of the Battle Spirits trading card game to be released. This set included spirit, spell and nexus cards, in the colors red, purple, green and white. Four X-rare cards were included in this set, making 153 cards total.

The set was near identical to the Japanese set BS01. Some cards had their names changed (in most cases, for no known reason), or had slightly different effects to depower their Japanese counterparts. There were also modifications to the artwork on some cards which were deemed inappropriate.

Set Specifications
Call Of The Core

Release Date
August 14, 2009


Card List

Number Name Color Type Rarity
001 Gora Red Spirit Common
002 Rokceratops Red Spirit Common
003 Teranosaber Red Spirit Common
004 The Scout Dragno Red Spirit Common
005 Eyeburn Red Spirit Common
006 Merat Red Spirit Common
007 Hummerdrake Red Spirit Common
008 Metalburn Red Spirit Common
009 Volk-Baboon Red Spirit Common
010 Chakrambat Red Spirit Common
011 Dragsaurus Red Spirit Uncommon
012 Tryswordon Red Spirit Common
013 Taurusknight Red Spirit Common
014 The Shaman Dragno Red Spirit Rare
015 Spinoaxe Red Spirit Common
016 Skeleton-Jaw Red Spirit Uncommon
017 Lanceraptor Red Spirit Common
018 Lizardman Red Spirit Common
019 Jurassickle Red Spirit Common
020 The BladeDragon Steelanodon Red Spirit Uncommon
021 The FlameDragon Ma-Gwo Red Spirit Master Rare
022 The Sickle Fool-Joker Red Spirit Rare
023 The Fire LithoGraphica Phoenixious Red Spirit Master Rare
024 The CrystalDragon Diamat Red Spirit Rare
025 The DragonicFortress Giga Red Spirit Master Rare
026 Foger Purple Spirit Common
027 Will-Orb Purple Spirit Common
028 Skulldevil Purple Spirit Common
029 Rib-Reaper Purple Spirit Common
030 Grip-Hands Purple Spirit Common
031 Death-Haides Purple Spirit Common
032 Gawrm Purple Spirit Common
033 Disaster Purple Spirit Common
034 Bi-Python Purple Spirit Uncommon
035 Bone-Gladiator Purple Spirit Common
036 Sha-Zoo Purple Spirit Common
037 Illusiona Purple Spirit Common
038 Skel-Viper Purple Spirit Common
039 The Mysterious Dionaeman Purple Spirit Common
040 Darkwitch Purple Spirit Rare
041 Cobraiga Purple Spirit Common
042 Mistweasel Purple Spirit Common
043 Draculious Purple Spirit Rare
044 The PhantomBull Smowg Purple Spirit Uncommon
045 The Ripper Headiless Purple Spirit Common
046 The PhantomDragon Sheyron Purple Spirit Master Rare
047 The Witch Naja Purple Spirit Rare
048 The PrincessVampire Vampiles Purple Spirit Uncommon
049 The Phantom Horseman Purple Spirit Master Rare
050 Beatbeetle Green Spirit Common
051 Flyingmirage Green Spirit Common
052 Pelileaf Green Spirit Common
053 Leavwolf Green Spirit Common
054 Shockeater Green Spirit Common
055 Emeant Green Spirit Common
056 Matchra Green Spirit Common
057 Gularva Green Spirit Common
058 Hercules-Geo Green Spirit Common
059 Shidafukurou Green Spirit Common
060 Eagrass Green Spirit Common
061 Apewhip Green Spirit Rare
062 Hungrytree Green Spirit Rare
063 Emeraldscissor Green Spirit Common
064 Ziga-Wasp Green Spirit Common
065 Killikabut Green Spirit Common
066 Stagrove Green Spirit Uncommon
067 Swallowivy Green Spirit Uncommon
068 The BlastTiger Tigald Green Spirit Uncommon
069 The AirMaster Aquilers Green Spirit Common
070 The MeteoriteArmor Monoqueiroz Green Spirit Common
071 The Charger Blanboar Green Spirit Rare
072 Gowsilvia Green Spirit Rare
073 The GaudyFeather Vulpelture Green Spirit Master Rare
074 Warrior-Gun White Spirit Common
075 IceDroid White Spirit Common
076 Ray-Bullet White Spirit Common
077 Baby-Loki White Spirit Common
078 The AutoLady Mani White Spirit Common
079 Rainbowpapillon White Spirit Common
080 Fenrircannon White Spirit Common
081 The SilverScale Nithhoggr White Spirit Common
082 Ur-Dine White Spirit Common
083 Rabicrysta White Spirit Common
084 Gatlingstand White Spirit Common
085 Elephantite White Spirit Uncommon
086 Queen-Valkyrie White Spirit Common
087 Metaldy-Bug White Spirit Uncommon
088 Towermittcrab White Spirit Common
089 Dualcannon-Bell White Spirit Common
090 Kell-Blindi White Spirit Uncommon
091 The Artifact Laguna White Spirit Uncommon
092 The CarrierWhale Mobileflow White Spirit Common
091 The ShieldSpirit Dis White Spirit Master Rare
094 Gran-Dolbalkan White Spirit Rare
095 The ArmoredBeast Bear-Gelmir White Spirit Master Rare
096 The AutoEmpress Sol White Spirit Rare
097 The SteelWyvern White Spirit Rare
098 The Burning Battlefield Red Nexus Uncommon
099 The Canyon Where Sage lives Red Nexus Uncommon
100 The Ruby Sun Red Nexus Common
101 The Ancient Dragon Territory Red Nexus Common
102 The Lost of Old Castle Purple Nexus Common
103 The Swamp of Drain Life Purple Nexus Uncommon
104 The Historic Battlefield of the Cursed Purple Nexus Rare
105 The Shackles of Doom Purple Nexus Uncommon
106 The Hermit Wise Tree Green Nexus Rare
107 The Fruit of Life Green Nexus Uncommon
108 The Anthill Green Nexus Uncommon
109 The Hill of Violent Wind Green Nexus Common
110 The Timeless Ice Field White Nexus Uncommon
111 The Diamond Moon White Nexus Common
112 The Castle of Eternal Snow White Nexus Uncommon
113 The Invaded Silver Snow White Nexus Common
114 Buster Spear Red Spell Rare
115 Awaken Red Spell Common
116 Offensive Aura Red Spell Common
117 Double Draw Red Spell Common
118 Call of Lost Red Spell Common
119 Burst Fire Red Spell Common
120 Buster Phalanx Red Spell Uncommon
121 Flame Dance Red Spell Common
122 Flame Tempest Red Spell Rare
123 Return Draw Purple Spell Common
124 Cemetery Aura Purple Spell Uncommon
125 Deadly Balance Purple Spell Common
126 Shadow Elixir Purple Spell Uncommon
127 Killer Telescope Purple Spell Common
128 Chaos Draw Purple Spell Rare
129 Poison Shoot Purple Spell Common
130 Changing Cores Purple Spell Common
131 Dark Coffin Purple Spell Common
132 Storm Draw Green Spell Common
133 Wild Power Green Spell Common
134 Binding Thorn Green Spell Common
135 Power Aura Green Spell Common
136 Gather Forces Green Spell Uncommon
137 Relation Soul Green Spell Common
138 Hand Reverse Green Spell Uncommon
139 Feather Barrier Green Spell Common
140 Binding Woods Green Spell Rare
141 Invisible Cloak White Spell Rare
142 Pure Elixir White Spell Common
143 Divine Chain White Spell Rare
144 Silent Wall White Spell Uncommon
145 Defensive Aura White Spell Common
146 Dream Ribbon White Spell Common
147 Dream Chest White Spell Common
148 Leak Drive White Spell Common
149 Attack Shift White Spell Common
X01 The DragonEmperor Siegfried Red Spirit X Rare
X02 The SevenShogun Desperado Purple Spirit X Rare
X03 The Duke Kingtaurus Green Spirit X Rare
X04 The ImpregnableFortress Odin White Spirit X Rare


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