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Bushido (武士道) is a keyword introduced in CB16. Literally meaning "they way of warrior", it is a moral code concerning samurai attitudes, behavior and lifestyle. It is an ideology upheld by Graham Aker, the main antagonist in the Gundam 00 series. The keyword is worded as below:

  • Bushido (Start of Your Attack Step) You can compare the BP of this Spirit and an opposing Spirit. Destroy the Spirit(s) with the same or lower BP, and when only the opposing Spirit is destroyed, activate the following effect:
    [additional effect]

While having the exact same procedure as Showdown, Bushido also allows the user to choose their own target. Activating at the start of the Attack Step means that no attacks are needed to clear off some of the opposing Spirits, allowing a better set up or more stalling chances.

The keyword also fully reflects on Graham Aker's personality, who is constantly seeking for challenges.


No. Question Answer
3 When comparing BP through Bushido, do (When Attacks) or (When Blocks) effect activate? No, they do not. Activating Bushido does not start a battle.
4 When a Spirit is destroyed through Bushido, is it counted as destroyed by effects or through BP comparison? It is destroyed through BP comparison, so effects that trigger upon destroyed by effects do not activate.
5 Bushido targets an opposing Spirit with the effect "cannot be destroyed by opposing effects", does that Spirit get destroyed if it has the same or lower BP as the comparing Spirit? Yes, it is destroyed.

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