Burning Soul Episode 39
English Translation Break Through from the Front for a Friendly Battle!
Kanji 正面突破で友情バトル!
Romaji Shomentoppa de Yuujou Batoru!
Air Date 1/06/16
Opening Theme RISE OF SOULS
Ending Theme MONSTERS
Burning Soul Episode 38 Burning Soul Episode 40

The thirty-ninth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Burning Soul.

When a Nazo-Otona tries to freeze Yukimura's world, he teams up with Toppa Bashin to save it.


Featured Card

The DragonEmperor Siegfried (Revival)


Yukimura and Bashin vs. Nazo-Otona

Cards Used





Main Staff

  • Script- Kōji Mayo
  • Storyboard/Episode Director- Daisuke Nakajima
  • Animation Director- Yoshinori Yumoto, Miho Shimogasa


  • This episode was a New Years Special. The broadcast of the episode was delayed one week, because anime typically doesn't air the actual week of New Years in Japan.
  • This is the first animated Battle Spirits crossover episode, but not the first crossover ever. Predating it was a one-shot manga crossing over Shounen Toppa Bashin and Gekiha Dan, and the Kiseki no Hasha video game, which also crossed those two series. There was also a series of commercials, which crossed Burning Soul characters with Gintama characters.
  • This episode does not fit in with either series continuity. It can't take place after the 38th episode of Burning Soul, as Yukimura should have been heading for the lake, and the tournament already started many episodes prior. It can't take place after the conclusion of Toppa Bashin, as Thousand Spirits Group has disbanded, so there wouldn't be any Nazo-Otona. It is only possible if this Nazo-Otona was a member of Neo Spirits from Kiseki no Hasha.
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