The LightFangPhoenix Rekkuumaru

Bunshin (分身) is a Green keyword premiered in BS22, along with its respective family with the same name. Cards with this effect have the following text: Place up to X cards from the top of your deck face down on your field and by adding 1 or more cores from your reserve onto them, during the game, those cards become spirits "Cost 0, Family: Bunshin, <1>LV1 BP3000, Green" Bunshin spirits. (Bunshin spirits can't be braved. They're discarded if sent back to the hand or deck)

(X= the number indicated by the effect.)

In other words, this ability can create weaker copies of a Spirit you summon.

The timing of this effect varies. For example, it activates when  The LightFangPhoenix Rekkuumaru is summoned, and it activates when Jounin-Tonbi is destroyed.


  • The name "Bunshin" is the pronunciation of the Japanese word "分身", which exactly means a copy of something. The word is usually used on humans, like ninja skills.

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