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Bunshin (分身) is a Green keyword premiered in BS22, along with its respective family with the same name. Cards with this effect have the following text: Place up to X cards from your decktop face down onto your Field, and by adding one or more cores from your Reserve to them, during the game, those cards become "Cost 0/Family: Bunshin/<1>LV1 BP 3000/[Green symbol]" Green Bunshin Spirit. (Bunshin Spirits can't be braved/advented onto/switched place, and are discarded if sent to the Hand/Removed Zone/Deck.)

(X= the number indicated by the effect.)

In other words, this keyword can create weaker copies of the Spirit you summon. The timing of this effect also varies. For example, it activates when  The LightFangPhoenix Rekkuumaru is summoned, and it activates when Jounin-Tonbi is destroyed.

With the assistance of The Twisting Dangaro Mountains, Bunshin can easily fill up the board and swarm the opponent.

When Bunshin was first out, face-down cards were undisclosed info to both players that not even the owner can know about its content. Hence, supporting cards like Summoning Technique involved quite some luck factor. However, following the change of rules concerning face-down cards from Ultra Advent Era that the owner of the face-down cards can now check the content of the card, the use of Bunshin and Summoning Technique, combining with Ninja Gale support, brought upon a new change to the play-style of decks using such effect.


  • The name "Bunshin" is the pronunciation of the Japanese word "分身", which exactly means a copy of something. The word is usually used on humans, like ninja skills.

Noticeable Q&As

Q5: Are Bunshin Spirits treated as Spirits with no printed effects?
A5: Yes, they are.

Q8: While you control "The Inverse Tower of Frozen Icicle", when a Bunshin Spirit is out, can you put a core from the Void onto a White Spirit you control?
A8: No, you can't. Bunshin Spirits are put out, not summoned.

Q9: Can you flip it up and check the content of your face-down Bunshin Spirits on field?
A9: Yes, you can. Be careful not to let the opponent see the content when you check them.

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