Bootes Call


Bootes Call.jpg
Name Bootes Call
Kanji/Kana ボオーテスコール
Rōmaji Booutesu Kouru
Released in (Japanese)
Color Purple Purple core.png
Cost 3
Reduction Purple core.pngPurple core.pngPurple core.png

Flash - You can summon 1 Spirit card from your trash with Immortality. The cost and the cores to put on it must be paid from your reserve.

[Trigger Counter]
If this Magic card is in your hand, when the opponent's Ultimate Trigger hits, you can use the following effect before the hit effect activates.
█ If the hit card is Purple, treat the hit as a guard.

Flash - By only using the cores on your Reserve to pay for the summoning cost and put on the Spirit for the summon, summon one Purple "Ten Crown" family Spirit card from your Trash.

Flavor Text
Life and death...
These two phenomena thought to be polar opposites are simply 2 points drawn on the line of a circle. The more I think about it, the more similar they are.
—from the Bootes chronicles of "Tales of Eighty-Eight Starlit Nights" by Astronomer Lilia—
Rarity Common
Illustration Shinnosuke Hino
Rulings/Restrictions None


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