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Blue is one of the six colors of cards in the world of Battle Spirits. It is represented by the sapphire symbol. It debut in BS03 and is currently the newest color in the world of Battle Spirits.


Blue Symbol

Its Symbol or Gem in English was inspired by Sapphire, which is also Blue in color. Its shape was like that of hexagon or having six sides. It is also shape-like that of cores.


The main strategy in using blue is milling, which refers to the ability to force opponents to put cards from their deck into their trash zone, since a player lose the game when he or she has no cards to draw. Many blue spirits feature the ability crush, a keyword that can't be found on non-blue spirits. Whenever a spirit with crush attacks, the defending player has to put a certain number of cards from his or her deck into his or her trash zone. BS15 introduced Great Demolish, which an advanced version of Crush that can discard 5x the cards. It turned blue's milling power from scary to lethal.

Blue is also related to abuse of nexus, such as the card Nexus Register or the ability Assault. Combining Assault  (which allows spirits to be refreshed by exhausting a nexus) with deck destruction tactics is an effective way to wipe away much of your opponent's deck in a turn.

BS19 gives blue yet another boost in the form of Charge, which again increases the number of cards it can destroy. Try combining The Knight of Light Hope, The Defender of Light Adrian and The IronHero Saigord-Golem for a scary mix of all blue's abilities.

Themes and Flavour

Blue is themed around warriors, order and otherworldly power. Glory and fighting spirits are commonly mentioned in blue cards. Being based on the concept of a group of gladiators who have achieved otherworldly power, Blue spirit types include giants, titans and soldiers. Blue spells are often related to such ideas, with examples like Potential Power. Blue nexus tend to depict places where warriors and gladiators thrive, such as arena.


- Deck destruction

- Nexus Support

- Leveling (Causing spirits and nexuses to be treated as if they are at certain levels)

- Prevent effects

- Stop the opposing combos ( like preventing magic, preventing he opponent from adding BP to spirits )

- Increase the number of cards sent to trash (Blue Charge)

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