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DJBrightxx DJBrightxx 28 April 2021

The PreciousMetalMaster

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DJBrightxx DJBrightxx 28 April 2021

Hiroaki Moriya

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Turbohowardleung Turbohowardleung 8 February 2021

Battle Spirits Burning Soul sequel.

What happen if Burning Soul sequel will happening after Gallet's Revolution?

Will it likely be a tribute of Beyblade metal fight explosive( 2nd season of beyblade metal fight series)?

All Burning Soul cast will come back in this sequel.

Maybe this sequel will future Nobunaga as a anti-hero in the sequel.

Maybe it will future world champion ship.

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Turbohowardleung Turbohowardleung 7 January 2021

Top 10 smartest Battle Spirits Characters.

Top 10 smartest Battle Spirits Characters.

I want other fandom user to know who are the smart battle spirits characters.

so message me about that!!

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Ayumu Seiki Ayumu Seiki 22 October 2020

Recent Changes

With the mass migration, the wiki undergoes a lot of changes, and many functions disappeared. We understand that it can be a hassle for all users, and so we are doing our best to recreate the wiki as similar as before. Do tell us if you believe there is something that should be changed. We are as new as you are in this new environment. The following is a list of functions that we have recreated.

1) "Recent Wiki Activity" is officially changed to "Recent Change", but we've also inputted the old format in. You can get there by clicking the link attached. Or, you can also get there by checking the toolbar at the very bottom of your screen. (Special:WikiActivity)

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Ayumu Seiki Ayumu Seiki 1 January 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Another excellent year for more Battle Spirits! :v

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TheGreatLordHollow TheGreatLordHollow 8 October 2019

Grandwalkers Divine Marks

I started reproduce all the "Divine Marks" of the Grandwalkers:


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PacMan872 PacMan872 11 September 2019

Aphrodite Deck

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Danny the DR. Danny the DR. 18 July 2019

hey, here's a discord server.

Hello there wiki, I'm Danny and I'm here to tell you about the discord server me and my friend created for Battle Spirits. Now if anyone here who is a mod that sees this and thinks it's a no-no, please I'd love to message you about this and actually take this post down, advise me on how to make a better version of this post so I can make this server as out there as I can. I wanted to make a server for more casual people such as myself to use and discuss thoughts on cards, maybe battle, and generally communicate better with the community. Here's the link to the server and we're always up to help with managing the server and rules as we only have 3 big ones we find big right now: please if you want, consider joining…

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Meatzza Meatzza 26 May 2019

I'm new. I just want to say about Thai VAs of anime.

Um hello, my name is Salin, but you can call me BLT. So I look up at list of Thai cast in Facebook page, I just want shared, I don't know how to edit with Thai VA though.

So here's Thai VAs in Battle Spirits anime I know so far...

  • 1 Shonen Toppa Bashin
  • 2 Shonen Gekiha Dan
  • 3 Brave
  • 4 Heroes
  • 5 Sword Eyes
  • 6 Ultimate Zero

  • Arunee Nanthiwat: Toppa Bashin, Okyou
  • Viphada Jatuyosporn: J, Cap, Hayami Bashin
  • Sansanee Tinkeeradit: Suiren, Nanarin, Number Eight/Masako Inogashira
  • Ittipol Mameket: Striker, Number Nine/Kyuusaku Kujou
  • Jitarawadee Na Tragoon: Meganeko
  • Pitchaya Bunsom: Kyouka Sawaragi, Aibou
  • Pattarawut Samutnawee: Card Sensei, Pink, Galaxy Seven, King Uchuuchouten
  • Kaiwan Wattanakrai: Smile

  • Pattarawut Samutnawee: Dan Bashin
  • Kaiwan Wattanakrai: Yuuki Momose, Galaxy Watanabe
  • S…

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KarlKhai13 KarlKhai13 15 May 2019

Questions about rulings and timing of effects.

I tried making comments on a few pages but i didn't work, so i'm just gonna make a blog and hope someone can answer my questions.

Basically, if i have Frankenman as my burst and The House of the Lost on the field and i take damage, can i activate both effects ?

Here's a few more questions: how does timing work? is there priority? if one player responds to another's card/effects which card/effects resolves first?

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Ad031 Dragon bt Ad031 Dragon bt 8 May 2019


I played batosupi, so many of my friends are in the same place.

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Dionsama Dionsama 22 April 2019

Some fanmade Grandwalkers

Title says it all, really. Just having some fun with remembering some old families that will never be relevant in reality. I was gonna make the actual cards and Avatars and some supp, but I should probably put that in the fancard wiki instead.

  • 1 The Grandwalker Demeter
  • 2 The Grandwalker Ares
  • 3 The Grandwalker Nepthys
  • 4 The Grandwalker Anubis

Group: Olym | Color: Green | Family: Plant Spirit

The goddess of the earth and the harvest. She is a peaceful deity who doesn't like getting involved in conflicts and constantly nags her fellow hotheaded Grandwalkers to stop fighting. She has a motherly personality that annoys the hell out of the other Olym deities, especially Appolon and Aphrodite. Despite her kind side, even Zeus treads carefully when she gets…

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Thefor3 Thefor3 22 March 2019

I'm new

Hello, I've been playing Battle Spirits since BS43, and now I want to help this wiki by editing the pages, but I don't know where to start and i don't know how to read japanese, can I put P19 and PX19 in the Promo page and put the images in cards like Zero the Burning?

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Guari Guari 10 February 2019

Why have all the community posts been deleted?

Why have all the community posts been deleted?

I can't understand the reason but i guess that Chihayajikan is the responsible of this silly move.

He/she would cancel blog posts just because he/she didn't like it despite not violating rules.

His/her life must be very sad since he's a weeb with no social life and 0 success in life and whose only achievement in life was that of running a wiki.

If theres a thing that i hate about card games is weebs like him whose life is focused only on a card game and that have 0 social skills.

grow the fuck up with your arrogance and feel of superiority,fucking weeb loser

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CFDrewbert CFDrewbert 25 November 2018

Lol this is a dead feature on this wiki

Ok, let's try this again.

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Kyledude788 Kyledude788 3 November 2018

Battle Spirit Getting Too OP

Is it me or that Battle Spirits is getting too OP since I came back?

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Ultimate-Amaretsu Ultimate-Amaretsu 7 May 2018

How Battle Spirits turns into BS!

Battle Spirits was quite a nice game to begin with.  However, as time goes by, this game has reached its 10th anniversary, as well as reaching the limit of being a 10/10 B??? S???.  Now let's see how the game was worse from its development.

  • 1 Background
  • 2 Problem 1: NO MORE ANIME
  • 3 Problem 2: SIMPLE BANLIST
  • 4 Problem 3: Game mechanics
  • 5 Problem 4: Internal Conflicts

Battle Spirits has 10 years of development, divided into 10 sagas.  From the classic Bashin Dan to the current GodAdvent.  What was the best saga?  Personally, perhaps it's somewhere near Dan to Brave.  

In terms of game mechanics, it has developed from the simple tactics of either summoning key spirits and/or win in terms of numbers of spirits to a OTK game.

However, as the game developed,…

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The GreatRedLord The GreatRedLord 30 January 2018

Battle Spirits Game Online

Hello, I am Red Lord, I am part of the Italian Battle Spirits community and also of the Discord Battle Spirits Club (Reiwa) group.

As my science teacher, Rintaro Okabe, taught me, I can travel through time too. In fact, what he's writing now is the 2020 Red Lord (We're in shit this year, but I'm not here to talk about that)

If you check my Bio, I am the CEO of Battle Spirits TCGO, a module for playing Battle Spirits online, via a platform called Vassal Engine.

The Vassal Engine is a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games, tabletop games and card games. It allows users to play in real time over a live Internet connection. It runs on all platforms, and is free, open-source software.

If you are looking for a platform …

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Daburu Daburu 18 January 2018

Twelve GodKings Saga -- Site flavor collection

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 Monthly BSGP Spectator Article No. 1: The Opening Race, Naustlio GP
  • 3 Monthly BSGP Spectator Article No. 2: Searing! Naustlio GP
  • 4 Monthly BSGP Spectator Article No. 3: The Fourth Race, Monaca GP
  • 5 Monthly BSGP Spectator Article No. 4: Pandemonium! Monaca GP
  • 6 Monthly BSGP Spectator Article No. 5: The Seventh Race, Italicia GP
  • 7 Monthly BSGP Spectator Article No. 6: Agitation! Italicia GP
  • 8 Monthly BSGP Spectator Article No. 7: The Tenth Race, Japang GP
  • 9 Monthly BSGP Spectator Article No. 8: The EvilGod Army Attacks! Japang GP
  • 10 Monthly BSGP Spectator Article No. 9: The Twelfth Race, Abul-Dharbi GP
  • 11 Monthly BSGP Spectator Article No. 8: The EvilGod Army Attacks! Japang GP

--60 years after the War of Senkigahara. The 12 God-King Battle Survival …

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Guari Guari 12 November 2017

Instagram Battle Spirits Page

This is my Instagram Battle Spirits page,please follow it and help me grow it so we can spread Battle Spirits through social networks!

Thanks in advance! :)

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Guari Guari 8 June 2017

Ultimate deck ist bs24-30

Can someone give me a decklist of a deck of the ultimate saga bs 24-30?Thanks

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Guari Guari 27 February 2017

Vasssal for Battle Spirits Online

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Ayumu Seiki Ayumu Seiki 14 February 2017

My BS Battle Videos

Hi, this is Andelas, or abcd in TCO. This will be where I post all my videos of BS battles on TCO. Hope you can find a suitable deck for your favourite key cards. If you want to make a request of example decks, feel free to tell me. If you want to battle me on TCO, feel free to tell me. At last, please enjoy my videos, and subscribe to my channel for more, thank you.

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Apocalyptic Angel Shaka Apocalyptic Angel Shaka 9 February 2017

A question about revival cards.

With revival cards do i have to use the revival or can I use the old version? The main reason im asking is the 12 zodiac x rares,  do I have to make a God-king deck or can I use the old versions?

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Chihayajikan Chihayajikan 8 February 2017

Off-Topic Containment Thread

First of all, the obligatory, DELETE THIS

With that out of the way, this is a space designed to post about stuff you want to talk about with your wiki-friends without having to shit up someplace else (these words are directed at me mostly). 

Things you can post here:

  • requests for love advice
  • requests for doujin
  • kamen rider
  • complaints about real life
  • funny pictures (if theyre not funny ill delete them dont test me)
  • anime girls
  • anime girls
  • anime girls
  • games
  • other anime
  • other card games
  • love letters directed at me
  • food 
  • anything Fate-related
  • asking for writing advice
  • asking for help with japanese text so you dont have to embarass yourself with google translate

Things you shouldn't post:

  • bad memes
  • doujin
  • i mean you can talk about battle spirits if you want but im s…
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SecretWyvern SecretWyvern 30 January 2017

TCGs and Cornflakes Post 1: Trying out Wiki blogs

Hello TCG and/or Cornflake lover! My Name is Secret Wyvern of The Dragon Empire and I'm here to post a blog. Obviously. Now blogs usually have a topic, but the thing is I can't think of anything to talk about at the moment...wait a minute! I know what to talk about on my first blog post! 

Key Spirits.

Oh yes, Key Spirits. That one card in your deck that represents the entire deck. It's powerful, in what ever way the deck needs it to be. It's the card you want to draw, and summon the moment you're able. I think that everyone has one for every one of their decks, whether they want to admit it or not. After all, can you play with standard playing cards without the Ace? Though seriously can you, I don't play with standard playing cards myself so…

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Daburu Daburu 31 December 2016

Gekiha Dan/Brave thoughts on rewatch

Somehow, I managed to rewatch both SGD and Brave in an uncomfortably short span recently. There was quite a bit of wailing involved. The short review: they're still really good. Really, really good. SGD has shot up to my second or third fave series in the franchise. They don't make 'em like this anymore. If you haven't seen these, you should. Anyway, the following is just terribly structured rambling with plenty of spoilers.

Let's start things off with a measure of despair, since it wouldn't be Dan universe without it. Did you know one of the first things Dan says in Shounen Gekiha is "Arigatou gozaimashita. Ii batoru deshita"? Way to re-break my heart in the first five minutes.

  • Death count (Gekiha Dan): 3
  • Death count (Brave): 6 (7? I want to …
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Homuraider Homuraider 7 December 2016

The Dog God-King: Fan-cards/speculations

The main star of this post. Everyone says his fur feels soft like clouds but he won't let anyone touch it.

The Dog Twelve God-King, Husky-dyne

Cost 7, Fusion Beast/God-King/Roaring Azure (S,S,S,A)

LV1, 1 core, BP 8000 LV2, 2 core, BP 10000 LV3, 4 core, BP 12000

[LV1][LV2][LV3]Seal - (When Attacks) Send (Soul Core) from this spirit to your life.

{During Seal} [LV1][LV2][LV3] Give all your “God-King/Ten Crown” spirits: "Typhoon - (When Attacks) You can choose a card from your hand and discard it. If you do, target any number of opposing Spirits/Ultimates up to the cost of the card discarded, destroy them.”

[LV2][LV3] (During either Attack Step) The cost of all Cards in both player’s hands and the cost of Accel are increased by the number of “Ten Crown…

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Cardsoul Cardsoul 6 December 2016

I require opponents

And i'm pretty sure most users here use TCO i'd like a time for when i could meet you in the wait room which is usually dead these days it seems. Please include your time zone to avoid confusion

i'm usually in there anytime between 1000-1500 CST US & Canada on my days off Monday and Wednesday I'll be there from 1100 to about 1700.

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Guari1999 Guari1999 11 November 2016

battle spirits with 10 life

Battle Spirits format with 10 lifes.


-In every deck Are allowed only 3 cards with an effect that mills the opponent's deck or that makes a card gain the effect to mill the opponent's deck.

-In every deck Are allowed only 3 cards with an effect that make you gain cores in the life zone or that makes a card gain the effect to gain cores in your life zone.

-Burst Wall is Banned.

-A deck can contains max. 3 Ultimates.

What do you think?

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Guari1999 Guari1999 16 September 2016

thoughts on accel

hi guys,what do you think of accel cards?

at first i was scared because their mechanic seemed too op to me,but now that i've digested the news and other accel cards have made their appearenca i've changed my mind.

why?even thought they have the duality prey,they're balanced since they have low bp or bad irrelevant spirits effects.Since that a deck made only of cards that are all focused on accel mechanic isn't that strong and they can be used as supports for already existent deck.

in conclusion,i think that their appearance in the metagame will add a new flavor in the duels that will become more interesting.Honestly i like them more than ultimates and Bandai would have made the best things if instead of ultimates these kind of cards had made …

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Guari1999 Guari1999 6 September 2016

Battle Spirits Facebook Page

what abput a BS Facebook Page?i think it would be great to bring on the track new players or old players and it would be great to have a BS FB Group on Facebook but for English Language Players.What do you think?Wouldn't it be a good idea?

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Blazewind strike Blazewind strike 3 September 2016

Revival Card Idea

Basically the title says it all.  Take any card you want from any past set that you find unplayable but you still like a lot.  Now think of what you would do if revived the card, what would fix to make it better.  How would you resive a the card post your ideas in the comment section below.

For me, one of my idea I would go with the original Grand-Woden.  First I would change it's Tribute Cost 5 or above to the Core Trash(losing any of your Cores is not good), then I would fix LV2 and LV3 effect to make it refresh whenever a Armed Machine or Spirit with Ice Wall(except itself) becomes exhausted Refresh this Spirit and return one Spirit or Ultimate to the bottom of the deck.

But tell your guys ideas down below.

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Guari1999 Guari1999 23 August 2016

Banned list and your thoughts

What cards should be touched by the banned list and what are the ones that should be set free?I mean cards like burning canyon or magic book don't have any reason to stay limited since there are a lot of better cards that don't have any limitations.

So tell me your opinion about the banned list and the cards that should be put in it.

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The GreatRedLord The GreatRedLord 12 August 2016

My Green Red Deck

I build a decklist (Brave Saga)

The CancerBushin Cancerd x3

The UltimateDragonRider Sieg-Crimson (Red/Green) x2

The BigDipperDragon Sieg-Apollodragon ( 1 Red - 2 Green) x3

Danderabbit x3

The ForestBird Sekkohkiji x3

The StrongestMusha Green-Taurus x3

Aquilam x3

The BladeWolf Beo-Wulf x3

The GunDragon Phoenix-Cannon x2

The KnightSnake Pendragon x1

Double Draw x3

Triangle Trap x3

The Fruit of Wise Tree x3

The Star Creation Place x2

Silent Wall x2

The better combo is when u have The Star Creation Place and a spirit braved with The BladeWolf Beo-Wulf.

Or The BigDipperDragon Sieg-Apollodragon (at LV3) braved with The GunDragon Phoenix-Cannon.

But I think that we all know already these simple combos.

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Connerx Connerx 6 August 2016

Making a battle sprits rp

Hey I'm making a battle spirits role play and I wanna have people join it if they want

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Daburu Daburu 1 May 2016

Isekai Resources

Thanks to a combination of persistent browser problems, lack of time due to life, and lack of content due to BSBS' general unremarkableness, I'll be deleting Isekaikai-Kaihou very shortly. It's been a good run, I think, and I did what I set out to do. The best posts (imo) have already been backed up, but here are some general links for other important things.

Future seiyuu broadcasts will keep being added until December 2017, no guarantees beyond. Hopefully wikia won't have too much of a problem with all the mega links.

Happy New World

SE eyecatches

UZ endcards

UZ playmats

BSBS manga: Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3

The other BSBS chapters are a plague, so not providing them.

STB Soundtrack

UZ Soundtrack and non-credit OPs/EDs (Listen to Ultimate…

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Daburu Daburu 25 April 2016

Burning Legend - Site Flavor Collection

  • 1 Burning Legend Chapter 1 - Combat Era, Year 553: The Battles of Kaminakajima
  • 2 Burning Legend Chapter 2 - Combat Era, Year 560: The Battle of Oukehazama
  • 3 Burning Legend Chapter 3 - Combat Era, Year 575: The Battle of Nagashino
  • 4 Burning Legend Chapter 4 - Combat Era Year 600: The Battle of Senkigahara
  • 5 The Six Gods that Descended Upon the Land, The Six Absolute Deities
  • 6 Famous Sword Collection, The Untold Story
  • 7 The Three Historians who Study the World of Burning Legend
    • 7.1 The Historian who Seeks the Truth, Enji
    • 7.2 The Historian Seeking His Own Answers, Shiva
    • 7.3 The Historian Unearthing the Past’s Hidden Side, Kuroe
  • 8 The Succession Crisis of Flowering Yellow Province
  • 9 [War Soul Hymn]
    • 9.1 Episode I - The Sengoku Fest is set to start!
    • 9.2 Episode II - The T…
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Blazewind strike Blazewind strike 6 April 2016

The Burning Legend Saga as a Whole

So with the soon arrival of Battle Spirits Double Drive and the soon arrival of all of it's card sets, I thought it would be fun to discuss what Burning Soul did for Battle Spirits as a card game as a whole(this mean the anime is thrown out the window for this one and should by all means not be discussed here).  And as we know the Burning Legend Saga did quite a lot for this game, so let's break it down.

To begin with the Burning Legend Saga gave us a heavy Sengoku/Warring States vibe to all our Colors.  Which I would say was really interesting and gave us some really cool artworks and designs for all our Colors.  The setting fit and worked quite well for Battle Spirits I would think.  Also I personally enjoyed the more toned down lore for …

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Daburu Daburu 31 March 2016

World Peace Has Been Achieved...

He Is Happy
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Shido itsuka Shido itsuka 30 March 2016

Ending To Burning Soul/What do you think about it?

Hello guys, this is Shido itsuka here, and I am going to extremely straight forward here, nothing else to say, because I am also wordless

What do you think Of Burning soul as a season? and Maybe can I know what is your top 5 Batosupi Anime season?

Yeah, this is pretty much a straight forward question and I can expect some answers from you guys and some I cannot guess what your answer is, so yeah, Hope you guys and answer this question and thank you for reading this blog, this is Shido Itsuka, signing out.

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Blazewind strike Blazewind strike 13 March 2016

Top 5 Favorite Ablities

Hello, now for those who don't know, I will be doing a blog every one to two mouths(don't worry it will be fun, I promise).  So I thought for this mouth(the mouth I was brought into this world), I decided on doing my favorite Abilities in Battle Spirits.  But first some rules, it has to be on the abilities box, so no things like Target Attacking doesn't count.  Second, this will be pre Double Drive, so no Run the Distance(subject to change) or Seal.

  • 1 Number 5:Swift
  • 2 Number 4:Showdown(or whatever you like to call it)
  • 3 Number 3:Ultimate Hand
  • 4 Number 2:Curse
  • 5 Number 1:Rush

(Flash) This spirit may be summoned from your hand during the Flash Step. In that case, the cost of this spirit and cores to be put on this spirit must be paid or moved from your…

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Chihayajikan Chihayajikan 7 March 2016

Shows and such

A thing I've been thinking about for some time and figured might as well do it now. 

Other than Battle Spirits, what sort of shows/series/comics/manga do you people like? From occasional comments and usernames and profile pictures I can get an idea of your interests, but this way I get a more direct answer. Also, if you play games, talk about that too, it's always interesting to hear about games. Since we're all losers and weebs here, I sorta expect to hear some interesting titles.

As for me, regarding anime/manga it's easier to link you people here. Regarding series, I don't watch anything western, and the japanese series I watch are Kamen Rider and Sanadamaru. I've been a sonybrony for all my life, so I only played Playstation games. I had…

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Thuang14 Thuang14 28 February 2016

Help for a Deck Please!

Hello, just wanted some help on a deck, and which better deck for me then Ryuuman-The-Formula(I love that thing so much). Anyways, please comment constructively, and here is the deck.


3x Ryuuman-the-Formula               

3x The FlameSwordsSaint Ryuuman-Swordwing


3x Ryuuman-Crow

3x Ryuuman-Tiger

2x Ryuuman-Godbreaker

3x Ryuuman-Lux

3x The SwordDeityWarrior Ryuuman-Godsword

3x Ryuuman-Sergeant


2x The AstralShieldSword Arcturus

2x The EarthDeitySword Gaianohoko

2x The MarsDeitySword MarsBringer


2x Cannonball

3x Burst Wall

3x Twin Heavens United


3x The Burning Sacred Place of Dragons

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Thuang14 Thuang14 26 February 2016

The strongest ultimate(or at least top 5)

Hi,doing my first blog here on the BS wiki, and I want to pose a question: Who do you guys think is the strongest ultimate. I think it is Ryuuman-The-Formula, and despite all the new SengokuSixGeneral from the Latest sets Ryuuman-The-Formula, coming from BS30, still is the best all around ultimate with two symbols, good BP, very strong board clearance and even the ability to refresh with a cross ultimate trigger, albeit at the condition that he does actually kill something with his destruction effects. So, what do you guys think? Constructive criticism is always welcome, so drop a comment please and share your thoughts.

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Ultimate-Amaretsu Ultimate-Amaretsu 25 February 2016

Beginner's Guide to Fun Deck 1 - BeastHead

For all those who dedicated themselves to ‘FUN’ decks and are new to BeastHead, this blog might be your choice. Today, I will introduce to you a fun BUT competitive deck – the BEAST HEAD.

  • 1 The History
  • 2 The Deck:
  • 3 The Mechanism:
  • 4 Weaknesses:
  • 5 Overall Comments :

The BeastHeads are one of the earliest Family introduced to the colour of Blue. It made its first debut in SD02 & BS03. However, despite it being early introduced, it was seldomly treated seriously by many players. Especially given that the traditional main Family of Blue decks are: Fighting Spirit and Artificial Soldier. However, with its recent release of BS33 (supported by BS34), it became another choice to people who DO NOT PLAY META!

This deck revolves on gaining extra advantages while…

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Shido itsuka Shido itsuka 20 February 2016

Shido's Batosupi Musha Trip :Talk/Should me make a meta page?

Hello guys this is Shido itsuka here, and...yeah I think I will be doing this as a once a week blog post, hopefully this isn't going to be annoying or anything...ok so today here I wanna talk about something that I personally haven't see anybody talk about it or doing anything about it.

What is Meta in Battle Spirit? Should We make a meta page?

Meta it's something that exist almost everywhere, Duel Master, Magic, Pokémon, there's meta pages that introduce them and help players get in to this kind of meta, That type of pages have be I think everywhere in those type of cardgame wiki that have a lot of meta, I think that in Battle Spirit we have quiet a lot of meta, So I personally suggest that we should make a meta pages for all the meta that …

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Shido itsuka Shido itsuka 17 February 2016

Shido's Batosupi Musha Training :Deck Building/Believe In The Sun

Hello guys this is Shido itsuka here, after the last blog post I have which is talking about interesting deck and seeing all your guy's comment, we can all agree on a interesting deck/ fun deck = No meta, but other than that many people still have different answer, So I guess No meta is the only thing we can agree on.

After talking to Chihayajikan and fight with her for a few game, a fun deck can be also completive in some way, that can fight well even having a tough oppenetet while letting your oppenetet and yourself feeling fun, So I decide is time to go on the road of Entertainer for this card game as well, I did this for YGO, but never try be actually fun and also completive and also being interesting at the same time, so this is going …

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Shido itsuka Shido itsuka 15 February 2016

What Do you think is an Interesting deck?

Hello guys, this is Shido Itsuka here, and today I bring you guys a question maybe you guys have think of before or never notice about it, but still I want to ask you guys this question for a while now, and here it is the question:

What is an Interesting Deck?

Interesting Deck, what is a interesting deck? does anybody know the definition of a interesting deck? maybe other people have a different definition of it, but I do want to know what to other people other than myself, what does a interesting deck to them is.

Is it strong deck? is it a fun deck? I really do want to know form you guys.

So, What is an Interesting Deck? to you guys? if you guys would like to answer this question, please post down below, and thank you very much for answering this l…

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