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Blade Insect (刃虫 ; jinchuu) is a minor family premiered in BS24, the beginning of the Ultimate era. Almost all Blade Insects are green, with the exceptions coming from collaborations. As the name implies, they are mostly insects with sharp blades surrounded on their body. While they did receive an X-Rare in BSC17 (Ultimate-Onikuwaga), it was not a family-focused deck. Meanwhile, they served as the support cards to Ultimates in general.

In rebirth era, similar to some other long-lost families, it obtained a new card but with no support to its own family still. Later, however, a wave of main support came in BS56, the first booster of True-Rebirth saga, with the theme of Spacetime Police. It has a splash of Yellow in the deck, and uses the Mirage mechanic. Like any typical Green decks, it also has very strong core boost, but struggles with draws a lot. The deck's main finisher is usually The LaserShellSheriff Mandi-Bularis, which can send opposing Spirits and Ultimate to the bottom of the deck, switch Mirage, refresh itself, and lock Burst effects. As some Blade Insects in this set are also in the Shellman family, a deck variant is mixing with The Grandwalker Ares and his pieces for a stabler build.

In BS57, a second wave of support comes, allowing the family to finally have a deck by themselves. They also gain The SpacetimePolice InvestigatingOfficer Ricky as an alternative finisher to Mandi-Bularis, with the help of The OracleTwentyOnePillars XI The Justice. The deck has turned into a control build, holding the opponent off with the different effects of Mirage.

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