Bind Edge

Roblox: DeepWoken - The Loop

Kanji (漢字) バインドエッジ
Card Type Magic
Color Green Green core.png
Cost 4
Reductions Green core.png Green core.png
Keywords Mirage
Card Effects
Mirage: Cost 2 ( Green core.png ) (This card can be set from the Hand)
During Set (Start of Opposing Attack Step)
You can heavy exhaust an opposing Cost 4 or less Spirit/Ultimate. When you have done so, send three cores from any opposing Grandwalker Nexuses to the Void.

Flash1.png Flash
Heavy exhaust an opposing Spirit/Ultimate. Or, refresh a "Blade Insect" family Spirit you control.
Card Effects (JP/日本語)
[ミラージュ:コスト2 Green core.png (このカードは手札からセットできる)]


BSS56 (Block icon 8 - Common)

  • Illust: Yoshimura Masato
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