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Battle Spirits, (バトルスピリッツ) is a two-player collectible card game developed by Bandai, Sunrise Inc, and Carddass. The card game is part of the Battle Spirits franchise which revolves around several anime series, manga and the merchandise of toys and video games. Battle Spirits is similar to the TCG Duel Masters but is more evolved as it involves a core system which is used as a resource system for your players. I would like to welcome you to this wiki and I hope that you can be part of our community.

The goal of this wiki is to list every card, set, trivia, gallery, ruling, type of Deck, tournament structure and every anime, manga and video game. If you're a committed Battle Spirits player, or just stopping by, feel free to add in little details to the appropriate sections on this Wiki.

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Card Sets

The latest set, BS51, was released on January 25, 2020. The set, 4th and final in the Ultra Advent Saga, will include 125 new cards in the main set (including 10 X-Rares, 3 XX-Rares and 4 10thX-Rares.), in addition to including 15 Revival cards and 6 Campaign cards.

Battle Spirits Main Card Sets

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Featured Card Spotlight
While released on BSC32 as a Magic card that didn't mean much except for fans of Bashin Toppa, as the Grandwalker Nexus meta evolved, and finally with the addition of Saga Braves, it obtained a new value in many modern decks.

Its effects are simple, it can retrieve itself when your Spirits are destroyed and it can retrieve a mid-sized Spirit from your Trash with its Main effect. Nothing extraordinary at first sight, but in roughly a year players would awaken to its usefulness.

There were four (one of them exclusive to Red, but nevertheless a factor) factors which made this card start to gain traction in the meta: First of all, the increase of usable Grandwalker Nexuses in most decks, which meant a player would more quickly fill their Trash with copies of cards which they'd possibly want, and retrieving them can be what makes or breaks a match. The next factor is that high cost finishers decreased in number, and even midrange cards had powerful effects that the player needed. At first, the upper limit of Cost 6 could limit to combo pieces that'd only help with other pieces gathered, but in the current meta, a Cost 6 can be one of the deck's finishers, and very necessary to endure a turn or win a game. For an example, The ShootingStardragonArcher Lykeios, The GrandblowArmoredDragon Jagannath, The TridentGrandseaBeast Triaina and The DinosaurBushin Murakumo Rex are all very powerful Cost 6 Spirits.

The third factor is Aramandi, a generic Saga Brave which has become a staple. Its Grand Field, "treat this Nexus' symbols as Red/Purple/Green/White/Yellow/Blue", made it more accessible to run cards that aren't the color of your deck, as you can easily have two to four reductions of all colors in your field now. This Magic card only has one red reduction, but one core you spare is still one more resource you can use later.

The fourth factor, exclusive to Red, is Yashium's (and now Raydeer's) being limited to one copy per deck. Red is the color with the most Grandwalker Nexuses, and in recent years has become much like Purple in the way that the Trash is almost like a second hand, as cards were easily and often retrieved through the multiple cards available. After these two banlist hits, Red players which treasure reusing their Trash will most likely use this Magic card more often.

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Booster Sets and Starter Decks

  • SD55 will be released on April 11th.
  • BS52 will be released on April 25th.
  • CB13 will be released on May 30th.
  • CB14 will be released on June 27th.
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Usui Takeshi is the Green Guardian from Extreme Game and a four-kanji idiom lover. His winning record is one of the worst, together with the Yellow Guardian, his first victory only ocurring 20 episodes into the show. While certainly not the strongest player of the series, one can argue he is the most passionate, as he shed tears upon winning after his long string of losses. He's played Ninja Gale, Siegfried-Vert, Blue-Green Blade Beast and the deck he was proudest of, one that went against the flow of Ninja Gale meta, a deck he simply named "Usui Takeshi," focused on using the Revived The Duke Kingtaurus to stop the opponent from reacting. His winning record might not be the best, but his charisma as a player and entertainer is among the top notch when it comes to Extreme Game.
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Battle Spirits Double Drive Episode 51: The Heroes of Light


Shunta and Yoku struggle to save Spirits World, and Kazuya, before it's too late.

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