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Battle Spirits, (バトルスピリッツ) is a two-player collectible card game developed by Bandai, Sunrise Inc, and Carddass. The card game is part of the Battle Spirits franchise which revolves around several anime series, manga and the merchandise of toys and video games. Battle Spirits is similar to the TCG Duel Masters but is more evolved as it involves a core system which is used as a resource system for your players. I would like to welcome you to this wiki and I hope that you can be part of our community.

The goal of this wiki is to list every card, set, trivia, gallery, ruling, type of Deck, tournament structure and every anime, manga and video game. If you're a committed Battle Spirits player, or just stopping by, feel free to add in little details to the appropriate sections on this Wiki.

Thank you.
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Game News
  • With SD68, the game has entered Block 11, and a new type of Contract Card, Contract Grandwalker Nexus (Contract Nexus), is introduced to the game. Visit Contract Nexus card section of the Contract Card page for more details


  • New keywords, Revive, Manifest, Contract Skill and Contract Field are introduced together with Contract Grandwalker Nexuses

  • With BS68, a new rarity, NX-Rare, is introduced to the game. While their name stands for "notorious X-Rares", their box ratios are good, and all have versatile effects.

  • New ban and limit list is in effect from 1st May 2024. Please refer to Banned and Restricted Cards for details

-Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin-
-Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan-
-Battle Spirits Brave-
-Battle Spirits Heroes-
-Battle Spirits Sword Eyes-
-Battle Spirits Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero-
-Battle Spirits Burning Soul-
-Battle Spirits Double Drive-
-Battle Spirits Saga Brave-
-Battle Spirits: Gallet's Revolution-
-Battle Spirits: Mirage-

Booster Sets

The latest main set, BS68, was released on April 27, 2024. Being the first installment of Contract Saga: True, it has introduced 98 new cards to the game.

Battle Spirits Main Card Sets

BS01 | BS02 | BS03 | BS04 | BS05
BS06 | BS07 | BS08 | BS09
BS10 | BS11 | BS12 | BS13
BS14 | BS15 | BS16 | BS17 | BS18
BS19 | BS20 | BS21 | BS22 | BS23
BS24 | BS25 | BS26 | BS27 | BS28 | BS29 | BS30
BS31 | BS32 | BS33 | BS34
BS35 | BS36 | BS37 | BS38 | BS39
BS40 | BS41 | BS42 | BS43
BS44 | BS45 | BS46 | BS47
BS48 | BS49 | BS50 | BS51
BS52 | BS53 | BS54 | BS55
BS56 | BS57 | BS58 | BS59
BS60 | BS61 | BS62 | BS63
BS64 | BS65 | BS66 | BS67

Battle Spirits Collaboration Sets

CB01 | CB02 | CB03 | CB04 | CB05 | CB06
CB07 | CB08 | CB09 | CB10 | CB11 | CB12
CB13 | CB14 | CB15 | CB16 | CB17 | CB18
CB19 | CB20 | CB21 | CB22 | CB23 | CB24
CB25 | CB26 | CB27 | CB28 | CB29 | CB30

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Video Games

For general info concerning the newest PS4/Switch game of Battle Spirits, check Battle Spirits Connected Battlers.

-Battle Spirits: Kiseki no Hasha-
-Battle Spirits Heroes Soul-
-Battle Spirits Digital Starter-
-Battle Spirits Connected Battlers-

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Product Release Schedule
  • BSC43 will be released on June 29th.
  • BS69 will be released on July 27th.
  • BSC44 will be released on Aug 31st.
  • CB31 will be released on Sep 14th.
  • BSC45 will be released on Sep 28th.
Latest Episode of Extreme Game: Tag Battle
Latest Anime Episode

Battle Spirits 15th Anniversary Short Anime

15th anni short anime thumb

When Toppa Bashin is thinking about what deck he should use in the coming tourney, bright light shines from Aibou's pyroxene stone...

Meanwhile, when Rei and the others are looking for the Ultimate Contract Spirit in space, something strange happened to Mugen....

Watch this short anime to witness the legendary crossover of Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin and Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits, one at its 15th anniversary and one at its 10th anniversary!

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