Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes (バトルスピリッツ ソードアイズ) is a manga inspired by Bandai's trading card game. It ran in the monthly magazine, Saikyo Jump, during the run of the anime version of Battle Spirits Sword Eyes. Unlike in previous series, there is not an alternate version in Kerokero Ace magazine. It was drawn by Masato Ichishiki.


Three tankoubon were released. Each came with a promo card.

Volume Number Title
Volume 1
(Released 1/04/2013)
1 Gotta do it! Tsurugi Tatewaki!!

Yarubeshi! Tsurugi Tatewaki!! - やるべしっ!ツルギ・タテワキ!!

2 Destined Light and Dark! Tsurugi and Yaiba!!

Unmei no Hikari to Yami! Tsurugi to Yaiba!! - 運命の光と闇!ツルギとヤイバ!!

3 Meeting with the Lights! Kizakura and Sora!!

Hikari to no Deai! Kizakura to Sora!! - 光との出会い!キザクラとソラ!!

4 Light and Dark Beginning to Gather

Tsudoi hajimeta Hikari to Yami - 集いはじめた光と闇

Volume 2
(Released 6/04/2013)
5 Threat of the Sword Eyes of Darkness

Yami no Sodo Aizu no Kyoui - 闇のソードアイズの脅威

6 Save Bringer! Tsurugi VS Brau!!

Buringa wo Sukue! Tsurugi tai Burau!! - ブリンガーを救え!ツルギVSブラウ!!

7 The ShiningSunDragonEmperor Shining-Dragon-Ark

Kouki Ryuuou Shainingu-Doragon-Aku - 光輝龍王シャイニング・ドラゴン・アーク

8 The Red Sword Eyes of Darkness

Yami no Akaki Sodo Aizu - 闇の赤きソードアイズ

Volume 3
(Released 9/04/2013)
9 Hagakure's Awakening! The Light Green Sword Brave!!

Hagakure no Mezame! Hikari no Midori no Sodo Bureivu!! - ハガクレの目覚め!光の緑のソードブレイヴ!!

10 Hagakure's Counterattack! And Destiny Begins to Move!!

Hagakure no Gyakuten! Soshite Ugokidasu Shukumei-!! - ハガクレの逆転!そして動き出す宿命ー!!

11 Fated Clash! Elder and Younger Brother, Light and Darkness!!

Unmei no Gekitotsu! Ani to Otouto, Hikari to Yami!! - 運命の激突!兄と弟、光と闇!!

12 The Sibling Showdown is Decided!! To the Bright World---!!

Kyoudai Taiketsu, Kecchaku!! Akarui Sekai he-!! - 兄弟対決、決着!!明るい世界へー!!

Differences between the Anime and Manga

The beginning of the manga is very similar to the anime, with minor changes.

-Tsurugi meets Kizakura after his first battle with Yaiba. She is alone, and the Sweetsmates aren't mentioned.

-Until Bringer is repaired, the damage he suffers causes his words to be stuttured.

-Sora agrees to fix Bringer without having to battle Tsurugi. He also joins with Tsurugi, along with Kizakura, right after his battle with Zardo. They get the airship then.

-Tsurugi doesn't meet Hagakure at Mt. Viridus, nor does he battle Justice Tachibana. He first meets Hagakure after his battle with Rirove, over Hayatemaru.

-When Gordy finds his Sword brave, he doesn't even try to fight Tsurugi. Instead, he just simply leaves.

-The initial introduction of Suou and Rirove is skipped. Rirove is first seen after he's invited to meet with Yaiba. Suou doesn't appear until the story when Hagakure gets his Sword Brave, and is extremely minor in this version.

-After Kizakura finds her Sword Brave and defeats Regen, the Sword Eyes of Light leave Megallanion without incident.

-Basically all events between Tsurugi's battle with Brau and Tsurugi getting his Sword Eye of Darkness are cut. The way he gets the dark Sword Eye is also completely different. Then, all events until Hagakure gets his Sword Brave are also cut. Thus, Gordy never switches sides.

-Haqua only appears briefly, and is later revealed to be captured by Yaiba.

-Grenada does not appear until near the end, only being seen previously in the hologram Bringer showed Tsurugi.

-Yaiba is Tsurugi's main enemy. Garudos is fairly minor, and everything concerning God is skipped.


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