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Battle Spirits: Shounen Toppa Bashin (バトルスピリッツ 少年突破バシン; Battle Spirits: Breakthrough Boy Bashin is a manga inspired by Bandai's trading card game. It ran in the monthly magazine, Kerokero Ace, during the run of the anime version of Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin. The manga differed very much from the anime version.


It was drawn by Hideaki Fujii.


Four tankoubon were released. The first two volumes each came with a promotional card.

Volume 1- Released 11/26/2008

Volume 2- Released 3/26/2009

Volume 3- Released 7/25/2009

Volume 4- Released 9/26/2009

Differences between the Anime and the Manga

-There are only four chosen card battlers; Bashin, J, Striker and Suiren. Because of this, Nanarin and Guraguri do not appear, and the roles of Meganeko and Card Sensei become very minor.

-Kyouka does not appear.

-Bashin is given his stone, along with a blank card, as a reward for giving a strange man chips. The blank card becomes The DragonEmperor Siegfried in battle.

-Bashin quickly figures out that Suiren is My Sunshine after meeting her. No one else is aware of this secret.

-Numbers Elite is a bit different. There is a Number Nineteen in the manga, while in the anime, the last known Number was Eleven. There is still no mention of Numbers Twelve through Eighteen. Number Six also appears in the manga, but only as a shadow. Aside from Number Nine, Smile, and to an extent, Number Three, the roles of the other Numbers are all very minor.

-Additionally, there was an original Number Four, who was driven away by Smile. Because Smile joined Numbers Elite during the course of the series, as opposed to before it, Card Sensei never quit Numbers Elite. Smile is not human in the manga version, and his real name is Abadon.

-Striker does not get his leg injury at the athletics meet. Instead, he falls down the stairs when trying to protect Bashin and Meganeko from Number Nineteen. Bashin dresses as a nurse and teaches him Battle Spirits. His powers awaken when battling Number Nine.

-Uchuuchouten is sealed in another world at the ending.


Number Title

Burning Card

Moeru Kaado- 燃えるカード


Red Hot Storm

Shakunetsu no Arashi- 灼熱の嵐


J and Bashin

J to Bashin- Jとバシン


High Speed vs. Break Through from the Front

Shinsoku vs. Shomen Toppa- 神速vs.正面突破


Showdown! Number Nine

Taiketsu! Nanbaa Nain- 対決! ナンバーナイン


Striker Dances

Sutoraikaa Mau- ストライカー舞う


X-Rare Clash!

Gekitotsu X Rea!- 激突Xレア!


Members Assembled

Tsudou monotachi- 集う者たち


Distorted World

Yugamu Sekai- 歪む世界


Power of the Stone/Will Power[Note 1]

Ishi no Chikara- イシノチカラ


Mingling Feelings

Majiwaru Omoi- 交わる想い



Sumairu- スマイル


Unshakable Will

Yuruganai Ishi- 揺るがない意志


The Continuing World

Tsuzuku Sekai- 続く世界

  1. The title of chapter 10 is written ambiguously, to create a double meaning.


  • The Manga has "Special Theatre" 4-komas at the end of every comic volume. One such issue features a reference to Kamen Rider Decade, which aired on the same programming block as Battle Spirits.
  • At the last chapter of the manga, you can see Dan Bashin's back

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