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Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits (最強銀河究極(アルティメット)ゼロ~バトルスピリッツ~; Battle Spirits Strongest Galaxy Ultimate Zero) is a manga inspired by Bandai's trading card game. It ran in the monthly magazine, Saikyo Jump, during the run of the anime version of Battle Spirits Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero.


It was drawn by Masato Ichishiki.


Three tankoubon have been released so far.

Volume 1 - Released 1/04/2014
Volume 2 - Released 5/02/2014
Volume 3 - Released 10/03/2014

Differences Between the Anime and Manga

  • Rei has battled the Galaxy Triumvirate before he met Laila and Rikuto.
  • Rei finds Ultimate-Siegfrieden on Planet Faucet rather than Ice Cube. He first uses it in a battle against Basilla.
  • Kiriga's initial introduction is skipped. He also gets Ultimate-Grand-Woden before battling Rei, and doesn't have to undergo any tests for it to accept him.
  • Eris never rescues Laila from Maripoza. She just goes straight to battling Bomber
  • The Triumvirate legitimately kidnaps Magical Star, and weren't trying to help her. Also, Mugen gets her figure at an event. He doesn't have to spend all the money, so the event with Kaneari is skipped.
  • Rei battles Kiriga with his blue deck in the Library Planet instead of Planet Kachidonia. (Episode 23)
  • Sargasso devil appears when Rei's ship is being with COWCOW, but in anime he appears when Rei's Crew is with The Triumvirate.
  • The reason why Rei gets Ultimate-Rean is because he said that he will help Ultimate-Rean to get rid of Dongorosu's bad singing voices.
  • Basilla didn't show any interest in pickled vegetables, but in the anime he shows great interest in it.
  • Rei didn't trade Ultimate-Alexander to Kiriga.

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