Battle Spirits Saga Brave
Saga Brave anime Dan
Type Anime series
Length 3 episodes
Director Watanabe Masaki
First Release June 14, 2019
Aired On Battle Spirits franchise's official YouTube channel.

Battle Spirits Saga Brave ( バトルスピリッツサーガブレイヴ ) is anime inspired by Bandai's Battle Spirits trading card game and produced by Sunrise and Bandai Namco Pictures. It is the sequel to Battle Spirits Brave and Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan. It began airing at June 14, 2019 on the official Youtube Channel.

It is directed by Watanabe Masaki and composed by Tomioka Atsuhiro. Character designs were provided by Yoshinori Yumoto and Tetsuya Ishikawa.

This series is not currently licensed or dubbed outside of Japan.

The OVA series succeeded the previous Battle Spirits Double Drive.


The year is 2661 CE. Ten years ago, Bashin Dan became the trigger that stopped the Earth from resetting itself. On the anniversary of this sacrifice, Barone and Clackey hold a conference, celebrating the union of Mazoku and humanity, and also Dan's feats.

However, beneath that peace, an organization named Cardinal Sign advocates for the subjugation of Mazoku and human supremacy. They resort to terrorist attacks, violence, and have somehow obtained the 12 Zodiac X-Rares which ought to have vanished together with Dan.

Amidst all this chaos, the bearers of the core's light feel a weird sensation, one that they've felt before. What could be the meaning of it, and what is the meaning behind the card that appeared within their decks, named "The Clash King's Miracle"?



  1. Miracle of the Clash King (Gekitotsu-ō no Kiseki - 激突王のキセキ)
    • Date:6/15/19 
  2. The Promised Battle (Yakusoku no Batoru - 約束のバトル)
    • Date:10/25/19 
  3. Eternal Bond (Eien no Kizuna - 永遠のキズナ)
    • Date:01/24/20
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