Battle Spirits Double Drive (バトルスピリッツ ダブルドライブ) is a manga inspired by Bandai's trading card game. It ran in the monthly magazine, Saikyo Jump, during the run of the anime version of Battle Spirits Double Drive.

It was drawn by Masato Ichishiki.


Differences Between the Anime and Manga

  • Shunta meets Yoku before Eto.
  • After Shunta's battle with Inui, the group immediately heads to the first Soul Spot.
  • Mei was turned to stone at the Soul Spot. Shunta and Yoku formally meet him after passing the trial and freeing him.
  • Tatsumi and Inui tag battle against Shunta and Yoku when the group first confronts Tatsumi.
  • Yoku gets Mistral-Bit with relative ease. He doesn't have an Alice In Wonderland-type dream.
  • Kiki has both Hanumerlin and Mouchuu from the start. Sandrat does not appear
  • Inui has both Calamity-Boar and Avalanche-Bison. Io does not appear.
  • Tatsumi is first defeated by Kazuya, rather than Yoku.

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