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The game's box art

Battle Spirits Digital Starter (バトルスピリッツ デジタルスターター) is the third Battle Spirits video game, and the first to appear on the Nintento DS. It was released August 5, 2010 in Japan, and is not licensed elsewhere.


The game follows a boy named Retsu Torai (渡雷 烈), though his name as well as physical appearance can be customized, in a setting similar to the Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin anime. He dreams of battling in the championships.


Unlike the two previous Battle Spirits games, this one is played exactly as the actual card game is. Retsu travels around a map and is given the option to either talk, battle, or trade with any person encountered. Each battle earns you Gala (the game's currency) and experience points to boost up your rank. With G, cards and accessories (such as different colored cores and sleeves) can be obtained at the Battle Spirits Center. Different locations will sell different sets. To purchase cards, you may choose to either buy booster packs or use a Carddass vending machine.

During the course of the main story, tournaments are held every sunday. There, you must win in a series of consecutive battles. Winning tournaments unlocks the next story chapter. There are also shop battles at the Battle Spirits Center, which are similar to tournaments, but require you to build a deck around a certain rule (i.e.: all yellow cards.)

A screenshot of the player character, Retsu, and his main rival Kagami.


Most of the characters in Digital Starter are original and exclusive to the game. Several characters can be unlocked through passwords from the anime series Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan and a few from Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin.

Main characters

  • Retsu Torai
  • Madoka Tani
  • Rei Hita
  • Kojiro Nanba
  • Hime Mitsubaaoi
  • Hiiro Kagami
  • Wataru Tani
  • Mysterious Gentleman
  • Izumi Daitenji

Black Goat

  • Ageha (CHO-KO)
  • Collector
  • Hacker
  • Afro
  • Nanashi
  • Punk
  • King

Anime Characters

All characters except Galaxy can only be dueled after entering the passwords.


  • Akino
  • Azuma
  • Furuichi
  • Genji
  • Gou
  • Hayase
  • Hokuto
  • Itsuki
  • Iwao
  • Jou
  • Kai
  • Kiriya
  • Kouta
  • Kunishige
  • Masaki
  • Midou
  • Miki
  • Minami
  • Misaki
  • Motoki
  • Satomi
  • Shigemitsu
  • Shiina
  • Shiro
  • Shouji
  • Souma
  • Taira
  • Takasaku
  • Takami
  • Tamaki
  • Tomoe
  • Yasuhiro
  • Yukimura
  • Yoshimoto


The characters you encounter give you the option to trade cards. The cards in which they want and are offering are selected by the computer, whether or not the player has the needed cards. The anime characters usually offer their own X-rare cards.

Available Cards

The only cards that are available are from booster packs BS01-BS08, plus some P, EX and PX cards, and nine cards from BS09 (including 3 X rares: The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova, The DoomKnightLord Ragna-Rock, The MagicalEmpress Ambrocius.)

You can get the cards:

  • BS01-BS08: mainly by buying from the store, except some from BS01 and BS03 will only be available by trading (depending on the colour of your first deck).
  • BS09: can only be obtained after finishing the main story. X-Rares can only be obtained in certain events, and reaching rank SSS. The rest can be obtained by trading with the main characters.
  • Starter decks (SD01-02): Cards from starter decks can be acquired through buying single cards, booster packs awarded for winning shop battles or quest completion, or trading with NPCs.
  • P, EX cards: only available by trading with friends or trading with shops (though some will be given during the story).
  • PX cards: like in our real world, these are only available after winning competitions (or buying them from stores)

NOTE: card shops update the single cards and the booster packs you can buy at the same day (i.e. twice per week - Monday / Thursday)

Cheats and Tips


Passwords can be used via the menu options in your room. Some are to access secret characters, and other passwords can give rare cards and playmats. Characters activated with passwords will appear in their own section of the map. By defeating them, you'll win exclusive playmats.

Character Codes

Name Password
Dan Bashin いくぜ!ゲキトツ
Yuuki Momose ・しろのせんし・
Kajitsu Momose コアのひかりぬし
Hideto Suzuri カードコレクター
Clackey Ray ヒカリのきこうし
Mai Viole ぱーぷるとーく?
Kenzo Hyoudo ケンゾーですっっ
Toppa Bashin ショーメンとっぱ
J Sawaragi じゅりーさわラギ

Card Codes

Card Password
The DragonEmperor Siegfried ライフでうける!
The SevenShogun Desperado シェイロンのとも
The Duke Kingtaurus ゲイボルグのやり
The IceBeast Mam-Morl しろいきょじゅう
The ArcAngelia Valiero てんばつをうけよ
The GiantHero Titus 10まいハキする
The GiantPrince Alexander IV ばとスピでじスタ
The UltimateDragonEmperor Sieg-Sol-Fried キョクりゅうてい
The Deity Sieg-Catastrophedragon XちょうしんかX
The UltimateDragonRider Sieg-Crimson (Red/White) しろいDジークリ
The UltimateDragonRider Sieg-Crimson (Red/Purple) おそれるすがたA
The UltimateDragonRider Sieg-Crimson (Red/Green) ぎょするもの。E
The UltimateDragonRider Sieg-Crimson (Red/Yellow) きょくていきいろ
The UltimateDragonRider Sieg-Crimson (Red/Blue) SiegCrim
The ThunderEmperorDragon Siegwurm てんさくいかずち
The HellKnight Andra めいしゅのナイト
The Great Kaiseleon BP15000!
The IronKnight Yggdrasill ハガネ・ノ・シロ
The GreatAngelia Sophia チエのなのテンシ
The BlastingGiant Douglas ばクさイきョじン


You can buy or earn accessories to customize your battle environment.

Name Price Location

Deck Cases

Deck Case Black Default Home
Deck Case White Default School
Deck Case Red 1500 G Chikaba West shop
Deck Case Purple 1500 G Odaihama North shop
Deck Case Green 1500 G Odaihama North shop
Deck Case Yellow 1500 G Odaihama North shop
Deck Case Blue 1500 G Odaihama North shop
Deck Case Pink 10000 G Darktopia (Souvenir Shop)


Blue Core Default Home
Orange Core 1000 G Chikaba West shop
Red Core 1000 G Odaihama North shop
White Core 1000 G Odaihama North shop
Purple Core 1000 G Chikaba Station shop
Green Core 1000 G Chikaba Station shop
Yellow Core 1000 G Odaihama South shop
Pink Core 1000 G Odaihama South shop


Black Sleeves Default Home
Red Sleeves 1500 G Chikaba West shop
White Sleeves 1500 G Odaihama North shop
Purple Sleeves 1500 G Chikaba Station shop
Green Sleeves 1500 G Chikaba Station shop
Yellow Sleeves 1500 G Odaihama South shop
Blue Sleeves 1500 G Odaihama South shop
Limited Sleeves Must have at least 3000 cards Curry shop


Basic Type Black Default Home
Basic Type White Default Home
Primal Red 500 G Chikaba West shop
Curse Purple 500 G Chikaba West shop
Beetle Green 500 G Chikaba West shop
Ice White 500 G Chikaba West shop
Funny Yellow 500 G Odaihama North shop
Colosseum Blue 500 G Odaihama North shop
Simple Black None StreetPass
Burning Red 500 G Chikaba Station shop
Gloomy Purple 500 G Chikaba Station shop
Sharp Green 500 G Chikaba Station shop
Proud White 500 G Odaihama South shop
Shining Wings 500 G Odaihama South shop
Brave Blue 500 G Odaihama South shop
Dragon Emperor None StreetPass
Dragon-Riding Knight None StreetPass
General Leading Gods None StreetPass
Deities of Oblivion 500 G Darktopia (Souvenir Shop)
Sieg Ultimate Evolution 500 G Darktopia (Souvenir Shop)
The Champion Win the game Championship
Bashin and J Defeat Bashin or J Vacant Land
Clash King Dan Defeat Dan Vacant Land
Bearers of Blue/Green/Yellow Light Defeat Suzuri, Kenzo, or Clackey Vacant Land
Yuuki and Kajitsu Defeat Yuuki or Kajitsu Vacant Land
Mai Viole Defeat Mai Vacant Land
Kerokero Ace 1 Password (ケロケロAエース) Home
Kerokero Ace 2 Password (KERO2ACE) Home
Famitsu Girls Password (ファミ2バトスピ) Home
Famitsu Boys Password (ファミ2コミック) Home