BatoSupi Happy☆New World (バトスピ はっぴ☆にゅーわーるど) is a manga inspired by Bandai's trading card game. It was serialized on the Jump LIVE application to promote BSC16 and later posted on the official Japanese site. It follows the daily lives of the Diva Team Shiny Hearts in a series of full-color 4-panel gag comics. It was drawn by Kaori Hanzawa.


Noah-Fleur / The SupernovaIdol Noah-Fleur - The "center" of the team who is devoted to making people smile. Has a rivalry with Griffia-Darc.

Ran-Blasear / The SmileGirl Ran-Blasear - A clumsy girl. Gets along well with Rabi-Darin.

Saya-Shine / The PureWhiteVirgo Saya-Shine - A very timid and innocent girl. She is very kind to the younger members.

Seina-Ryumin / The RetsuQueen Seina-Ryumin - Keeps the team together. She is outspoken and sometimes harsh.

Rabi-Darin / The PrettyGirl Rabi-Darin - The youngest member of the group who likes pranks.

Griffia-Darc / The PrincessIdol Griffia-Darc - A refined girl who is often seen slacking off drinking tea. She dislikes sweaty activities and will use her butler as a body double to do work in her stead.

Griffia's Butler - Serves Griffia-Darc and stands in for her when she is disinclined to do something.

The Diva Trickster - Appears in the 15th and 16th comics. Attempts to take over along with her fellow Legendolls, but is obstructed by the Absolutes.

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