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BSC03 called X-Rare Pack (The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried ), is a supplementary set of 8 cards in the trading card game. The set is based on the seven dragons of BS04. All cards included are holographic.

This set was never released in English, though all included cards were.

Img c3 booster.jpg

Card List

Number Name Color Type Rarity
BS04-010 The ThunderDragon El-Clair
Red Red core.png
Spirit Rare
BS04-021 The DarkDragon Ops-Curite
Purple Purple core.png
Spirit Rare
BS04-031 The GroundDragon Fon-Daxion
Green Green core.png
Spirit Rare
BS04-044 The SkyDragon Le-Ciel
White White core.png
Spirit Rare
BS04-055 The LightDragon Lumiere
Yellow Yellow core.png
Spirit Rare
BS04-073 The SeaDragon Courant-Marin
Blue Blue core.png
Spirit Rare
BS04-077 The Seven Dragons' Throne
Red Red core.png
Nexus Common
BS04-X13 The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried
Red Red core.png
Spirit X-Rare

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Pic c3 booster.jpg