BS31 titled Burning Legend Chapter 1 (烈火伝 第1章). The thiretith-first set of the trading card game. This set included spirit, brave, magic, nexus, and ultimate cards, in the colors redpurplegreenwhiteyellow and blue. 8 X-Rare cards and 2 XX-Rare cards. It included 122 cards in total.

This set was never released in English.

Set Specifications
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Set Card List
Number Name Color Type Rarity
022 Violet Smoke Dragon
Purple Purple core
Spirit Common
030 The StrangeFangShinobi Rappanther
Green Green core
Spirit Common
040 The CleverMachineMusha Saiun
White White core
Spirit Uncommon
067 Nurikabe
Yellow Yellow core
Spirit Common
X01 The SengokuDragon Souldragon
Red Red core
Spirit X-Rare


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