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The twenty first set of the trading card game. This set included spirit, magic, nexus and brave cards, in the colors red, purple, green, white, yellow and blue. Eight X-rare cards were included in this set. It included 92 cards.

This set was never released in English.

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Set Card List
Number Name Color Type Rarity
001 Yamabakka Red Spirit Common
002 WolfDragon Red Spirit Common
003 Combopelta Red Spirit Common
004 Herbig-Wyvern Red Spirit Uncommon
005 Blade-Pteras Red Spirit Common
006 The LongArmBladeMaster Asuquina Red Spirit Uncommon
007 The RichlyColoredDragon Peacock-Wyvern Red Spirit Master Rare
008 Garunotaurus Red Spirit Common
009 The WarCaneDragon Meishunosaurus Red Spirit Rare
010 Marshbil Purple Spirit Common
011 Jangohebi Purple Spirit Common
012 Bone-Boar Purple Spirit Uncommon
013 The PhantomThiefBat Bunnygirl Purple Spirit Common
014 The GrimSnake Boomsnake Purple Spirit Master Rare
015 The DeathBladeMaster Durabone Purple Spirit Uncommon
016 Death-Hydra Purple Spirit Rare
017 The HellPatroller Valfared Purple Spirit Common
018 The CorpseBeastLord Bone-Cousseraux Purple Spirit Master Rare
019 Quick-Mosqui Green Spirit Common
020 Harimoguri Green Spirit Common
021 The CraneStar Alnair Green Spirit Rare
022 The WaterBug Gengrass Green Spirit Uncommon
023 Mandrahora Green Spirit Common
024 Kurotanehawk Green Spirit Common
025 The GreatGrassBird Sotetsunia-Condor Green Spirit Master Rare
026 The CrimsonInsect Benikamikiran Green Spirit Common
027 The TenSwordSaint Gohonkaku Green Spirit Master Rare
028 Prod-Falcon White Spirit Common
029 Rishiakirin White Spirit Uncommon
030 The CrimsonGoddess Mach White Spirit Uncommon
031 The Sacred Gaebolg White Spirit Common
032 The HoundMachine Asterio-Venera 9 White Spirit Common
033 The ImperialMachine Geneshield White Spirit Common
034 The ClairvoyantMachineDeity Diareen White Spirit Master Rare
035 Nega-Kangal White Spirit Common
036 The TenSwordSaint Zanba-Kong White Spirit Rare
037 Kamelonpan Yellow Spirit Common
038 Vodyanoi Yellow Spirit Common
039 The Angelia Lissele Yellow Spirit Uncommon
040 Gatoblepas Yellow Spirit Common
041 Adopentan & Charl Yellow Spirit Common
042 The TenSwordsSaint Narasimha Yellow Spirit Master Rare
043 DarkIberix Yellow Spirit Uncommon
044 The MadBeast Toukotsu Yellow Spirit Common
045 The Angelia of Beauty Caphopeia Yellow Spirit Rare
046 Yanakurage Blue Spirit Common
047 The SuperHumanGiant Adolphus Blue Spirit Common
048 Ryuuguushi Blue Spirit Common
049 The SeaCarver Napoleo Blue Spirit Common
050 Gel-Goroth Blue Spirit Common
051 Dark-Squalo Blue Spirit Common
052 The TenSwordSaint Brud-Sainos Blue Spirit Master Rare
053 The StarEater Yashiganid Blue Spirit Uncommon
054 The GiantHero Heraclas Blue Spirit Rare
055 Gornic-Eagle Red Brave Common
056 Pteranostone Red Brave Uncommon
057 The HellBeastRider Shitori Purple Brave Rare
058 Gargoylas Purple Brave Common
059 Karakuripelican Green Brave Common
060 The InsectivoreGrass Drosella Green Brave Uncommon
061 The SatelliteMachine Pioneer V White Brave Common
062 The CrossArrowBeast Cross-Bongo White Brave Common
063 GurumiPanda Yellow Brave Common
064 BurikiTiger Yellow Brave Uncommon
065 Dive-Arms Blue Brave Common
066 The DeepSeaDragon Lovliss Blue Brave Uncommon
067 The Apollonia Cavern Temple Red Nexus Common
068 The Dark Coffin Cave Purple Nexus Common
069 The Big Tree of Ryuketsu Green Nexus Uncommon
070 The Fiana Aircraft Carrier City White Nexus Uncommon
071 The Four Cloud Retreat Yellow Nexus Common
072 The Coral Sea of Trees Blue/Purple Nexus Uncommon
073 Burning Force Red Magic Rare
074 Volcanic Break Red Magic Common
075 Deadly Hex Purple Magic Uncommon
076 Soul Slide Purple Magic Common
077 Velotical Wind Green Magic Common
078 Binding Web Green Magic Rare
079 Eternal Defense White Magic Common
080 White Out White Magic Rare
081 Surprise Slap Yellow Magic Uncommon
082 Life Dream Yellow Magic Rare
083 Sapphire Erode Blue Magic Common
084 Raging Sea Blue Magic Rare
X01 The ShiningSunDragonEmperor Shining-Dragon-Ark Red Spirit X-Rare
X02 The DoubleHeadedDragonKing Bi-Jaou Purple Spirit X-Rare
X03 The BlackWoodDeity Kuwaga-Ravna Green Spirit X-Rare
X04 The SpearLightMachineDeity Kugel-Horn White Spirit X-Rare
X05 The LandBeastDeity Behemoth Yellow Spirit X-Rare
X06 The StrangeSeaCreatureGod Dist-Ruction Blue Spirit X-Rare
X07 The SkyLightSword Crown-Solar White Brave X-Rare
X08 The AbyssGiantSword Abyss-Apocalypse Blue Brave X-Rare