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Astromulet (星札;hoshifuda) is a keyword introduced in BS59, exclusively to Galaxian family Spirits. Matching with the theme of True Rebirth era, its motif is based on fortune-telling with tarot cards. The effect is worded as follows:

  • Astromulet: 1 (Timing)
    You can put a card from your decktop to the Removed Zone. When this effect puts any "Proximate"/"Astroblazer" & “Galaxian” family card, [additional effects].
  • Astromulet: 2 (Timing)
    You can put two cards from your decktop to the Removed Zone. For each "Proximate"/"Astroblazer" & “Galaxian” family card you put by this effect, [additional effects].

Similar to Horoscoping, Astromulet is in essence a resource-increasing effect, with the uniqueness of adding the cards to the Removed Zone. While Horoscoping is a hit-or-fail through revealing decktop, Astromulet is a promised-increase as it sends any cards to the Removed Zone. However, its additional effects only activate if the target card has both Proximate and Galaxian, or both Astroblazer and Galaxian families, serving as a gaming balance to avoid too much synergy with previous Galaxian cards.

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