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Assemble (しゅうけつshuugetsu) is a keyword introduced in CB19, possessed exclusively by "Showa" family Spirits of the Kamen Rider franchise. The effect is worded as follows:

  • Assemble: X - (When Summoned)
    You can reveal X cards from your decktop. Among them, summon any number of "Showa" family cards without paying the cost. Return any remaining cards to the deckbottom. Assemble can only be used once per turn.

Similar to many keywords in the past, Assemble is another one that can summon cards from the top of the deck. However, with the lesson learnt from the meta dominated by Mealtiply, Assemble is designed to be only once per turn. Furthermore, the Spirit with Assemble with the lowest cost is four, avoiding the player to build up a board in the first turn, even when starting second.

The name "Assemble" most likely references a trend in the Kamen Rider series back in the Showa era, where each Kamen Rider would often be gaining assistance from older or newer Kamen Riders in their own series, acting like a kind of collaboration among each other.

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