Ascension of Dragons was the fourth English set of the Battle Spirits trading card game to be released. This set included spirit, spell and nexus cards, in the colors red, purple, green, white,yellow and blue. Spirits with multiple gems were first introduced. Six X-rare cards were included in this set, making 162 cards total.

The set includes all of the Japanese set BS04, as well as some cards from BS05. Some cards had their names changed, though this seemed much less frequent than in other sets. Due to words that were changed in earlier sets being left the same this time, this created inconsistencies to some of the English naming patterns. There also were modifications to the artwork on some cards which were deemed inappropriate. Two X-rares, The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried and The MobileFortress Castle-Golem, feature entirely different artwork than their Japanese counterparts.

Set Specifications

Release Date
May 05, 2010

Card List

Number Name Color Type Rarity
001 Kunanomi Red Spirit Common
002 Chamelewhip Red Spirit Common
003 DarkGoradon Red Spirit Common
004 DarkDinohound Red Spirit Common
005 Chain-Dragon Red Spirit Common
006 The ZombieDragon Zom-Sauru Red Spirit Uncommon
007 The Guardsman Dragno Red Spirit Uncommon
008 The AncientDragon Ba-Gaw Red Spirit Master Rare
009 The FlameEmperor Kujaraku Red Spirit Common
010 The ThunderDragon El-Clair Red Spirit Rare
011 The Tyrant Fuhjaus Red Spirit Master Rare
012 Banshee Purple Spirit Common
013 Skulldemon Purple Spirit Common
014 Shadowjuggler Purple Spirit Common
015 Cyclo-Winder Purple Spirit Common
016 The FallenAngelia Azel Purple Spirit Uncommon
017 Hellwitch Purple Spirit Common
018 The WaterSnake Seaserpenta Purple Spirit Uncommon
019 Headless Carriage Purple Spirit Common
020 The DarkDragon Ops-Curite Purple Spirit Rare
021 The Vampire Dampeel Purple Spirit Rare
022 The KingSnake Quetzalcoatl Purple Spirit Master Rare
023 Giraffen Green Spirit Common
024 Duckle Green Spirit Common
025 Fal-Condor Green Spirit Common
026 BlackMachG Green Spirit Common
027 Alligade Green Spirit Uncommon
028 Sevenspot Green Spirit Uncommon
029 BlackMonoqueiroz Green Spirit Common
030 The AppetiteFlower Bug-Lesia Green Spirit Common
031 The GroundDragon Fon-Daxion Green Spirit Rare
032 The SpearBeetle Lucanidos Green Spirit Rare
033 The CrustaceanFighter Longhorn Green Spirit Master Rare
034 Vidohunir White Spirit Common
035 Berserker-Magnum White Spirit Common
036 Oddsay White Spirit Common
037 The ArmoredBeast Heith-Rune White Spirit Uncommon
038 The Reconnaissance Magni White Spirit Common
039 The JewelBug Scaraveil White Spirit Uncommon
040 The ArmoredBeast Gullin-Bullsty White Spirit Common
041 Fenrircannon Mk-II White Spirit Common
042 The BeastMaster Dvergr White Spirit Common
043 The Valkyrie-Hildr White Spirit Master Rare
044 The SkyDragon Le-Ciel White Spirit Rare
045 The IceGoddess Frigg White Spirit Master Rare
046 The Fairy Dorothy Yellow Spirit Common
047 Wiseless-Scarecrow Yellow Spirit Uncommon
048 DarkPiyon Yellow Spirit Common
049 The BlackFairy Ti-Tanya Yellow Spirit Common
050 Heartless-Tin Yellow Spirit Uncommon
051 Arcanabeast-Hart Yellow Spirit Common
052 The Postman Pentan Yellow Spirit Common
053 The Angelia Throne Yellow Spirit Rare
054 Arcanasoldier-Cinq Yellow Spirit Common
055 The LightDragon Lumiere Yellow Spirit Rare
056 Braveless-Leo Yellow Spirit Common
057 The GreatAngelia Seraphy Yellow Spirit Master Rare
058 The RatMan Zurich Blue Spirit Common
059 The Pharmacist Girmamarl Blue Spirit Common
060 The Soldier Gustav Blue Spirit Common
061 The BattleBeast Jacker Blue Spirit Common
062 The ApeMan Mongoku Blue Spirit Uncommon
063 The Two-Sword Ambrose Blue Spirit Common
064 Ugarurum Blue Spirit Common
065 The Spinner Harfelicite Blue Spirit Common
066 The CatLady Abyssinia Blue Spirit Common
067 Dra-Golem Blue Spirit Uncommon
068 Iron-Golem Blue Spirit Common
069 The Illusionist Mirage Blue Spirit Common
070 The BattleBeast Diatryma Blue Spirit Common
071 Steam-Golem Blue Spirit Common
072 Rabirabi Blue Spirit Common
073 The SeaDragon Courant-Marin Blue Spirit Rare
074 The ChimeraDragon Hydrus Blue Spirit Rare
075 The LegendaryGiant Jude Blue Spirit Master Rare
76 The BombSoldier Dragno Red Spirit Common
77 The MysteriousFox Cubic Red Spirit Uncommon
78 The ScarletDragonRider Rosso Red Spirit Rare
79 The UnicornDragon Volsung Red Spirit Uncommon
80 The Dictator Volcanos Red Spirit Master Rare
81 Sandman Purple Spirit Common
82 Fallen Paladin Purple Spirit Common
83 The PurpleDragonRider Violet Purple Spirit Rare
84 The EvilAdmiral Negapluto Purple Spirit Uncommon
85 Pineappopotamus Green Spirit Common
86 The SeaHorse Kelpie Green Spirit Common
87 The Yojinbo Antman Green Spirit Uncommon
88 The ViridianDragonRider Grun Green Spirit Rare
89 Armetcrab White Spirit Common
90 Pantomeister White Spirit Common
91 The WhiteDragonRider Albus White Spirit Rare
92 The EvilDeity Big-Loki White Spirit Uncommon
93 The IceWitch Hel White Spirit Master Rare
94 The Angelia Kleio Yellow Spirit Common
95 The Princess-Snowwhite Yellow Spirit Uncommon
96 Arcanafighter-Quatre Yellow Spirit Common
97 The YellowDragonRider Flavum Yellow Spirit Rare
98 Dwarf-Seven Yellow Spirit Common
99 The BattleBeast Babeaver Blue Spirit Common
100 Bronze-Golem Blue Spirit Common
101 The GiantKnight Aldous Blue Spirit Master Rare
102 Mithril-Golem Blue Spirit Common
103 The BlueDragonRider Azure Blue Spirit Rare
104 The IronHammer Oswald Blue Spirit Uncommon
105 The Airspace of Pterosaurs Red Nexus Common
106 The Seven Dragons' Throne Red Nexus Common
107 The Shadow Street Purple Nexus Common
108 The King Snake Nest Purple Nexus Common
109 The Whirlwind Ravine Green Nexus Uncommon
110 The Strong-Dominated Earth Green Nexus Common
111 The Inviolable Sanctuary White Nexus Common
112 The Steel Forest White Nexus Uncommon
113 The Miraculous Hill Yellow Nexus Common
114 The Spring of Full Magical Powers Yellow Nexus Common
115 The Ancient Arena Blue Nexus Uncommon
116 The Heart-Buster Huge Slope Blue Nexus Common
117 The Victory Stand of the Glory Blue Nexus Common
118 The Ruby Empty Sky Red Nexus Common
119 The Amethyst Empty Sky Purple Nexus Common
120 The Emerald Empty Sky Green Nexus Common
121 The Diamond Empty Sky White Nexus Common
122 The Topaz Empty Sky Yellow Nexus Common
123 The Sapphire Empty Sky Blue Nexus Common
124 Great Link Red Spell Common
125 The Ring of Nibelungen Red Spell Common
126 Lightning Ballista Red Spell Rare
127 Dragons' Rush Red Spell Common
128 Merciful Release Purple Spell Common
129 Danse Macabre Purple Spell Common
130 Venom Shot Purple Spell Uncommon
131 Inferno Eyes Purple Spell Rare
132 Forest Aura Green Spell Common
133 Full Charge Green Spell Common
134 Ground Howling Green Spell Rare
135 Jungle Law Green Spell Common
136 Mist Curtain White Spell Common
137 Dream Hand White Spell Common
138 High Ether White Spell Common
139 Glacial Breath White Spell Rare
140 Trick Prank Yellow Spell Common
141 Gleam Hope Yellow Spell Common
142 Judgment Lights Yellow Spell Rare
143 Straight Flush Yellow Spell Uncommon
144 Switch Hitter Blue Spell Common
145 Lead Wall Blue Spell Uncommon
146 Magic Drill Blue Spell Common
147 Massive Up Blue Spell Common
148 Nexus Repair Blue Spell Common
149 Tidal Tide Blue Spell Rare
150 Warning Attack Red Spell Common
151 Absorb Symbol Purple Spell Common
152 Branch Lock Green Spell Common
153 Eternal Shield White Spell Common
154 Chorus Birds Yellow Spell Common
155 Magic Spanner Blue Spell Common
156 Potential Power Blue Spell Uncommon
X13 The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried Red Spirit X-rare
X14 The SevenShogun Pandemium Purple Spirit X-Rare
X15 The Emperor Kaiseratlas Green Spirit X-Rare
X16 The MobileFortress Castle-Golem Blue Spirit X-Rare
X17 The PhantomLord Rean Yellow Spirit X-Rare
X18 The HugeBeastLord Behedoth Blue Spirit X-Rare


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