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Armored Dragon (甲竜; kouryuu) is a family premiered in BS01. Most Armored Dragon cards are White, and have the theme of mechanical dragons or dragons with thick scales. The archetype "Ghidorah" is in this family. The family did not have a deck to itself until Ultimate era, when White/Blue Rush was introduced to the family, with The ArmoredDragonBattleship Enterprise or The MachineWorldSerpentDragon Jörmungandr as the key card. Then there were also Red/White decks mixing with the "Dragon" family in the Red color, supporting the Red/White Ultimates, such as Ultimate-Siegfrieden. In the Burning Soul era, another pure White Ultimate deck was developed, with main Ultimates being The SengokuSixGeneral Senryuukaku and Ultimate-Glazar, both being Armored Dragons. From BS49 to BS51, a new Armored Dragon deck was introduced to support The Grandwalker Krishna and The PreserverGrandwalker Vishnu, the deck itself focusing on one-turn kill by making a five-symbol attack.

On the collaboration side, Ghidorah from the Godzilla series has the Armored Dragon family. While itself is in the family, its support is mostly from other families. So the deck is often a general Red/White deck focusing on Ghidorah.

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