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Armed Intervention (武力介入 ; buryoku kainyū) is a keyword introduced in SD53, exclusive to Spirit cards from Gundam 00 series. The keyword reads as follows:

  • Flash - Armed Intervention: Cost X (Reductions) (Opposing Attack Step) You can summon this card from your Hand as a Cost X (Reductions).

Noticeable official Q&A

Q2: When effects change costs and reduction symbols of Spirit cards in hand, do "Armed Intervention" effects change their costs and reduction symbols?
A2: No.

Q3: When an effect does not allow you to summon Spirit cards without paying the cost, can you summon with "Armed Intervention"?
A3: Yes, you can.

Q5: While "The Gravity Dimension Engine" is on field, when you summon a Cost 3 Spirit card with "Armed Intervention: Cost 4", can you use the reduction symbols on the "Armed Intervention"?
A5: No, you cannot. While the paying cost is 4, the Spirit card itself is Cost 3, so reduction symbols cannot be used.

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