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Angel (使徒 ; shito) is a family in the Battle Spirits trading card game which debuted in CB21. It is a major family of the Evangelion collaboration series, and represents the mysterious beings that are said to have received the Fruit of Life and are the children of the Gods in the show. They attacked Tokyo-3 and NERV Headquarters one after one in order to reach Lilith, which is located at the Central Dogma's Deepest Part. Their name in Japanese, 使徒, literally means "Apostles", and were also pronounced as "Shito" in the show. However, referring to the nature of the beings and the meaning of the names, they are eventually being called the "Angels" in English renditions.

In the original series, they are the biggest enemy of NERV, and came by in order with none of them appearing at the same time. This is well-represented by their common effects of no cost summoning themselves after the one with the previous number was removed from the field. Same as the original show, all of the natural Apostles (Angels) can set up A.T. Field. Apart from a few exceptions, all the Spirits from the "Angel" family are in the color Blue, most probably due to the famous quote of "Pattern: Blue" in the original series, which indicated that the wavelength pattern of the Apostles/Angels was Blue.

Translators' Notes

Translators on this wiki are aware that these beings arre called "Angels" in English renditions. However, before the Evangelion collaboration, there are already cards that use the kanji 使徒, which is naturally translated to "Apostle" due to them having no other context. Hence, to keep things consistent, these angels from Evangelion remain to be called as "Apostles" on card, but the family name is translated as "Angel" to honor the reference.

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