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Aikatsu On Stage (アイカツオンステージ) is a keyword introduced in SD50. As the name suggests, this keyword is shared between cards from the Aikatsu collaboration, more specifically, only StarlightSchoolUniform versions of the Aikatsu characters possess this keyword. The effect is worded as follows:

  • Aikatsu On Stage - (When Attacks) You can put one "Stage Style" family "[name]" from your Hand face-up onto your Removed Zone. When you've done so, return this Spirit to your Hand and summon the card you put onto your Removed Zone, without paying the cost.

Different to the original On Stage effect, the Spirit which activates Aikatsu On Stage returns to the Hand instead of the deckbottom, player does not draw any cards, and instead of direct replacement between hand and field, the card to be summoned is first put on the Removed Zone.

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