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Advent (煌臨, Kōrin) is a keyword introduced in BS39. It then became the main mechanic and namesake of the next saga, being possessed by every color. On its introduction, the text was as follows:

  • Flash - Advent: [Conditions] (Either Attack Step) By sending Soul Core.png(Soul Core) to your Trash, this card in your Hand can be stacked onto your <[Conditions]> Spirit in the same position.

But as of SD37/SD38, the text was changed to:

  • Flash - Advent: [Conditions] (Either Attack Step) By sending your Soul Core to the Trash, stack this from your Hand onto your target Spirit.

Advent can be activated in many different timings, the "flash" condition of the effect can only be "main", and the steps the cards can advent are either main step or attack step. There are more additional effects to allow the cards to advent outside of the usual conditions.

Advent is an evolution of Tribute, to the point cards which had Tribute were revived with Advent instead, and allows the player to change their Spirits for ones with a higher cost on a faster pace.

It is important to note that the action of stacking is not the same as summoning, hence when adventing a Spirit/Ultimate, it cannot activate (When Summoned) effects, nor can it trigger any other effects that activate on summon. Because it is not a summon, players also cannot put additional cores to the adventing Spirit/Ultimate.

As Advent is directly stacking a card onto another, it will cause a situation where there are face-up cards under a Spirit/Ultimate. Those cards are called pre-advent cards, and this state is called [During Advent]. There are effects that can only activate when a Spirit/Ultimate is [During Advent]. Even through effects, currently it is impossible to put face-up cards under Spirits/Ultimates without the Advent keyword. When the Spirit/Ultimate leaves the field, all pre-advent cards under it follow where it goes. For example, if the Spirit/Ultimate is returned to the deck, so are its pre-advent cards; if the Spirit/Ultimate is destroyed and sent to the trash, so are the pre-advent cards going to the trash. In the case of returning to the hand, pre-advent cards do not count towards the number of cards increased in the hand.

Unless effects allow, Spirits/Ultimates cannot advent onto Braves in Spirit condition, Bunshin Spirits, or Nexuses treated as Spirits.

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Grand Advent


Grand Advent (神煌臨, Shinkōrin), introduced in BS46, is a subcategory of Advent, which allows the player to advent by moving a core from a Grandwalker Nexus to a spirit as the cost instead of sending the Soul Core to trash. The text reads as follows:

  • Flash - Grand Advent: [Condition] (Timing) By either sending your Soul Core.png to the Trash, or putting a core from your Grandwalker Nexus to a Spirit you control, stack this from your Hand onto your target Spirit.

Only Avatars of supreme deities (and their respective Diva versions) have this effect, limiting it to a few Spirits and decks. In CB12, Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form (2) was also released with Grand Advent, the only collaboration card to have that.

Grand Advent allows the player to Advent a strong Spirit while still keeping the Soul Core stored, allowing for multiple Advents and still have Soul Core-exclusive effects available and it also doubles as a discreet Unleash effect.

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Contract Advent

Contract Advent (契約煌臨), introduced in BS60, is a subcategory of Advent which has the exact same effect text as the original advent wording. The biggest difference is, however, that you can also advent cards with Contract Advent onto your Contract cards that are in Soul State via the effect written on the Contract cards. when adventing on cards in Soul State, you can put as many cores as you want from the Field/Reserve to the now advented spirit, instead of "keeping the same amount of cores" like in normal advent, as there are no cores on cards in Soul State to begin with. Such effect is worded as follows on the Contract cards:

  • While this card is in Soul State, you can Contract Advent onto it. When you do, you can put any number of cores from your Field/Reserve to the advent card.

Apart from that, everything for Contract Advent is similar to that of the original Advent, with timing and conditions to follow.

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Dan Kuroto Deus Advent

Max genm.png

Dan Kuroto Deus Advent (檀黎斗神煌臨, Dan Kuroto Toshin Kōrin), introduced in CB08, is a subcategory of Grand Advent. This effect also allows the player to advent by paying the alternate cost of moving a core from a Grandwalker Nexus to the Spirit instead of sending the Soul Core to trash.

However, Dan Kuroto Deus Advent differs in that it specifies that the core must be moved from a "Dan Kuroto"-named Nexus. Currently, the only card to have this effect is Kamen Rider Genm God Maximum Gamer Level Billion.

Ultra Advent


Ultra Advent (超煌臨 ; Choukourin) is a keyword introduced in BS51, exclusive to The SuperCentaurusDeity Grand-Sagitto-Nova.

The effect is worded as follows:

  • Flash - Ultra Advent: During Advent (Either Attack Step) By putting Soul Core.png from your Reserve/Trash to a "Superstar"/"Galaxian" family Spirit you control, stack this from your hand onto your target Spirit.

While Advent consisted of sending Soul Core from anywhere to the Trash, Ultra Advent brings it from outside the Field onto a Galaxian/Superstar family Spirit. This way, while it cannot be used consectuvely with itself, Ultra Advent can be used after regular Advent.

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