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Accel (アクセル, Akuseru) is a keyword which debuted in BS37 and is present on all colors. The text on each card varies, but the common points are that they work like Magic, with either Main or Flash effects, which can be used from the hand, and, after they resolve, the Spirit card is sent face-up to the Removed From Game zone. After being sent to the Removed zone, an Accel spirit may be summoned, allowing a single card to have two different uses. The default text on Accel cards is the following:

  • [Step Timing] Accel: Cost X (Reductions) (This effect can be used from your hand). [Effect]. After this effect resolves, put this card face-up on your Removed From Game zone.

Official Q&A

Q1. What is Accel?

A1. It is an effect where you can use cards at the specified timings, like (Flash) and (Main). After their effects activate, the used cards are revealed and kept in the Removed From Game zone instead of being sent to the trash.

Q2. Is Accel a spirit effect?

A2. Yes, that is correct. They can be used even when magic cannot be.

Q3. Does "revealed" mean the opponent can see the cards too?

A3. Yes, please let your opponent see the cards as well.

Q4. The cost of Accel has reduction, so can the symbols on your field be used to reduce the cost?

A4. Yes, it can be reduced.

Q5. Can spirit cards in the removed from game zone be summoned on your main step by paying the cost?

A5. Yes, they can.

Q6. Can the Accel effects of spirit cards in your removed from game zone be used?

A6. No, it does not count as the hand, so they can't be used.

Q7. Are cards in your removed from game zone affected by hand-discarding effects?

A7. No, it does not count as the hand, so they can't be discarded.

Q8. Can effects changing the cost of spirit cards in your hand also change the cost of Accel effects in your hand?

A8. No, the cost of Accel cannot be changed.

Cards That Have Accel Effects

List of Spirits with Accel

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