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A.T. Field (A.T. フィールド) is a keyword introduced in SD62 and CB21, basing on an ability unique to the Evangelion series. The effect is worded as follows:

  • A.T. Field - (Timing)
    This Spirit (or Nexus) is uanffected by opposing effects except those of the opposing Spirit with Soul Core on it.

Currently, the timing for this effect usually activates at (When Attacks/Blocks). In some cases, it activates during (Your Turn). Unique to other kinds of immunity effects, A.T. Field is especially strong against Magic and Mirage effects, as these effects cannot have Soul Core on them. Some Burst effects may also struggle facing A.T. Field, since some Burst effects proceed before the cards can be summoned/deployed, ridding of the chances to put the Soul Core onto the card.

In order to support this keyword further, SD62 and CB21 also introduce a large amount of effects which can treat the Spirits as having Soul Core on them, so that the players can still use the Soul Core effectively while keeping up the A.T. Field.

"A.T. Field" is the abbreviation of Absolute Terror Field. In-universe, it is a barrier which both Angels and Evangelions can generate to protect themselves. It is also revealed that every living being that has a soul possesses an A.T. Field (just that the Angels and Evangelions are powerful enough to make the force apparent), explaining the representation of Soul Core in the game.

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