This Spirit is the Reborn form of 00 Gundam.
00 Gundam (Trans-Am)


CB13-052 b
Name 00 Gundam (Trans-Am)
Kanji/Kana ダブルオーガンダム[トランザム]
Released in (Japanese) CB13
Color Blue Blue core
Cost 8
Symbols Blue core
Family MS, CB
Level 1: 1 core, 9000 BP
Level 2: 3 core, 12000 BP
Level 3: 5 core, 16000 BP
Card Effects
When you flip into this side, this card remains on the field and you gain no counters.

[LV1][LV2][LV3] (When Reborn) This Spirit refreshes. Or, during this turn, this Spirit can gain an extra Blue symbol.

[LV1][LV2][LV3] (Your End Step) This Spirit returns to your Hand.

[LV2][LV3] (Your Attack Step) While your "CB" family Spirits are attacking, the opponent can't activate Burst effects of Spirit cards.
Flavor Text
Rarity Rebirth Rare
Rulings/Restrictions None
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